24th October 2011 | Freelancers

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It’s National Freelancers Day next month (23 November to be precise).

We already have our bunting out ready to support the day, and we’ll be announcing some very exciting things next week. Watch this space…

National Freelancers Day 2011 (NFD)

NFD was launched by PCG back in 2009 with the mission ‘to ensure Freelancers get the support and advice in every stage of running their freelance businesses.’

It you want to see what PCG will be running on 23rd November 2011 take a look here.

How to freelance e-book

PCG have produced an 80-page e-book ‘Guide to Freelancing’, in time for NFD 2011.

We’ve reviewed it, and given it a thumbs up. It’s the perfect resource for anyone in freelancing or anyone thinking about taking the leap into freelancing. It’s full of jargon-busting explanations, relevant case studies and handy check lists. It’s a real gem for any freelancer.

It’s free to download on the PCG website here.


Fancy being showcased on our blog? If you’re a budding freelancer that has a way with words and loves a hashtag get in touch. We’re looking to showcase as many freelancers as we can every Friday throughout November. You can email me vicky.pont@policybee.co.uk or tweet us @PolicyBee.


Image / photographer: National Freelancers Day Amplified2010 | http://www.flickr.com

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