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Customer showcase – Safety 4 HEd LLP

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The latest in our series of customer interviews, this one comes courtesy of Vincent Theobald-Vega from health and safety consultancy Safety 4 HEd.


Name: Vincent Theobald-Vega
Telephone number: 07940564889
E-mail address:
What … Read more....

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Are you risk aware?

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Risky business

Quick show of hands please. How many of you think that your insurance is ‘just another bill’?

For many SME owners, the financial reality of running a business in these challenging times … Read more....

Image / photographer: danger openDemocracy |

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Customer showcase – Repair Link Limited

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Here’s our interview with Jason from Repair Link. Some excellent advice for people thinking of going it alone. Thanks Jason!


Name: Jason Ingham
Telephone number: 01270 610008
E-mail address:
What do you … Read more....

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Business lounges to open at Shell petrol stations

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“I’m just popping to get some petrol and… send a fax”

Regus and Shell have joined forces to trial a joint programme that could soon see business lounges popping up at Shell petrol stations … Read more....

Image / photographer: Shell Petrol Pump futureshape |

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Two weeks to tax deadline

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Close up of stopwatch

Time’s up. Almost

Keep an eye on your calendar: you’ve got just over two weeks to get your self-assessment tax return done and dusted.

The deadline is 31 January, and business owners and self-employed … Read more....

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Professional indemnity claims: how free advice can cost you thousands

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Bricks (color) jpverkamp

Talk is cheap

This is the tale of a well-meaning architect and a surprisingly tenacious septuagenarian. As always, the names have been changed but the rest is all too real.



Our client … Read more....

Image / photographer: Bricks (color) jpverkamp |

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