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What our customers say ...
Very easy to find the cover I wanted and to put it in place. That ease of doing business is key to me.
An efficient, convenient service.
All aspects of contact, quotation and putting cover in place were exemplary.
Refreshingly straightforward approach; very good people to deal with.
PolicyBee gave me an unbeatable quote online. The process was so easy and I was insured within minutes.
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They were really helpful on the phone when I had a query on the policy. I have recommended them to two other freelance translators.
13 December 2018
It was just really easy to use, worked flawlessly and first time, no messing around, just did it all online
Business Coaching / Consulting
13 December 2018
Very quick to register online
Scientific Consultancy
12 December 2018
Excellent service, both professional and friendly. Simple and efficient process for taking out relevant business inurance. Recommended.
Online Retailer
11 December 2018
The process was pretty simple and having looked at a few different sites, and also obtained some direct quotes from providers, I think I got a good price. But with insurance, you never really know how good the purchase is until you make a claim...
Communications Consultant
10 December 2018

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About professional indemnity insurance

PI insurance is for people who don't like sleepless nights.

It protects you if a disgruntled client or third party sues you because they think you've done something wrong. Even if you haven't.

Your policy pays for an expert solicitor to fight your corner and, if it turns out you have mucked up, pays any compensation or damages you're liable for.

You get to keep running your business, safe in the knowledge that you'll still have one when it's all over.

About us

We're a specialist business insurance broker from Suffolk. We're independent and we're digital.

We started ten years ago with the sole purpose of making professional indemnity insurance painless. We're still at it because there's always room for improvement.

Read our customers' comments to find out what it's like doing business with us. (Because that's who you should really listen to.)

If you do, you'll see that it's not about us at all. It is, in fact, all about you.

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