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Freelance Advice

It can be daunting flying solo. So, it's a good job we're here with plenty of useful advice plus stories straight from the horse's mouth.

You'll find helpful info on what insurance freelancers need, the pros and cons of being your own boss, and self-employed rules and regs.

Insurance for education consultants explained

Deciding how much education consultants' insurance you need is a simple matter of educating yourself about risk. Don't learn the hard way, basically.

Graduate entrepreneur interview: the journalist

As part of our Next Generation of freelancers campaign, we spoke to a graduate entrepreneur who became her own boss. Here's Lauren's freelancing story.

Graduate entrepreneur interview: the web designer

We spoke to graduate entrepreneur, Luke Boobyer, all about his decision to start his own business, LSB Web Design, after leaving university.

Graduate entrepreneur video – video marketing

More and more students are freelancing after graduating. Josh describes his journey to becoming a graduate entrepreneur in this video interview.

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Graduate entrepreneur video – software engineer

More and more students are going freelance after graduating. Software engineer Will describes his journey to becoming a graduate entrepreneur in this video.

Infographic: graduate entrepreneurs lack support

We did some research on would-be graduate entrepreneurs, and the support available from their universities around going freelance. Here's what they said.

The rise and rise of graduate entrepreneurs

Ever thought of going freelance after graduating? Our research shows many students want to become graduate entrepreneurs after uni. Tell us your thoughts.

How the wrong image licence caught us out

Using someone else's images is a copyright and permission minefield. As we found out when using the wrong image licence gave us a short sharp shock...

Freelancers: 5 alternative ways to find work

Freelancing can be tough, especially when you don't know where your next job is. Try these 5 alternative ways of finding work from The Freelancer Club.

A word on cyber security…

Sending your bank details by email is a cyber security nightmare. Here's why you shouldn't do it, and what you should do instead.

10 ways to help get your business insurance claim paid

Your insurer decides whether to pay a claim. So it's worth keeping them happy. Here's 10 top tips to help ensure you get your business insurance claim paid.

Freelancing story – TaxAssist Accountants

TaxAssist Accountants aren't freelancers, but they work with them all the time. Here are their top freelancing tips for making a go of it.