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Freelance Advice

It can be daunting flying solo. So, it's a good job we're here with plenty of useful advice plus stories straight from the horse's mouth.

You'll find helpful info on what insurance freelancers need, the pros and cons of being your own boss, and self-employed rules and regs.

Freelancing story – Boox Ltd

Boox aren't freelancers - they provide online accounting software to freelancers and small businesses. And they've learnt a thing or two about freelancing.

Freelancing story – James Giles

Thinking of freelancing? Let James Giles of Biddable Solutions PPC tell you what it's really like to quit your job and go it alone.

Freelancing story – Tony Robinson OBE

Get ready for another freelancing story. This one comes from Tony Robinson, who shares what it's like to be your own boss.

Should I go freelance?

Should I go freelance? Good question. If only there was an interactive tool/quiz thing to help you decide. Well now there is! Try it and find out.

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Freelancing story – Judy Heminsley

To celebrate Massive Monday, we'll be sharing freelancers' stories on our blog. This one comes from Judy Heminsley, founder of Work From Home Wisdom.

What your insurance broker needs to know

What does your insurance broker need to know about your business? And why? Nina, one of our account executives, tells you all about it.

The Freelance Way: Your number one business resource

The results of our fourth and final #TheFreelanceWay Twitter competition are in. Thanks to all the freelance tweeters who got involved; you're brilliant!

The Freelance Way: Your top 5 tips for a perfectly balanced summer

Ever wondered how to strike the perfect work/life balance this summer? We asked our followers for their tips for the chance to win a £5 coffee voucher.

Travel agent or tour operator? Why it matters for your insurance

Odd question perhaps, but which one are you? Travel agent or tour operator? And why does it make a difference to your insurance? All explained here.

Insurance claims: why not to call your solicitor

About to embark on the professional indemnity insurance claim process? There's lots to remember, including not contacting your solicitor. Here's why.

CIMA insurance for accountants explained

Join CIMA and you'll need professional indemnity insurance. But that's just the start. There's more you need to think about, too. Here's the lowdown.

ACCA accountants’ insurance explained

Chartered accountants joining ACCA must have professional indemnity insurance to a specified minimum level of cover. And a lot more than that, too.