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Professional Indemnity Insurance

Here's where you'll find the answers to important questions like who needs professional indemnity insurance and what it covers.

There's no-nonsense advice on what to look out for in a policy, choosing your level of cover, and making sure your PI insurance claim is paid.

The disadvantages of subcontracting your work

Thinking of using freelancers? Find out about the disadvantages of subcontracting your work and get tips on how to avoid being blamed for others' mistakes.

Business insurance brokers: online or offline?

It’s the 21st century and buying stuff online is easy and, for many, the default choice. But does the same apply to business insurance? 

EastEnders and why you should check, check and check again

Heather had a plan to make money. It didn't work. Shirley's only got herself to blame, though. If only she'd used a professional ...

Is your insurance ‘any one claim’ or ‘in the aggregate’?

Is your professional indemnity insurance ‘any one claim’ or ‘in the aggregate’? And why does it make a difference? As always, it's all to do with money...

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How to deal with late payment

Recent research by the FSB revealed that almost three-quarters of small firms were paid late last year. Not good enough is it? Here's how to deal with it.

What is professional liability insurance?

Professional liability insurance, professional indemnity, public liability, personal indemnity. All the same, right? No. Here's why.

What do you do when a client refuses to pay?

A client not paying is bad news. But it doesn't need to mean a battle in the small claims court. Here's how your professional indemnity insurance can help.

Disastrous disaster recovery

It’s probably stating the obvious to say that disaster recovery solutions are a vital part of keeping your business afloat if things go wrong. Here's why.

The danger of recommending materials

Nothing wrong with recommending materials as part of your service, is there? Not unless it all goes horribly wrong and you're held liable. Here's why.

Risk tips for marketing consultants

Want to reduce your risk? Then the security that comes with knowing you've got the might of an insurer behind you is not to be sniffed at.

Check the wording of your IT industry insurance policy

Professional indemnity for IT consultants isn't simple. With so many different roles, come so many different risks. Check your policy wording.