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Here's where we lift the lid on insurance and explain it all simply.

There's essential help with how best to protect your business or not-for-profit. Plus, useful advice on running your organisation and life as a freelancer.

Disastrous disaster recovery

It’s probably stating the obvious to say that disaster recovery solutions are a vital part of keeping your business afloat if things go wrong. Here's why.

The danger of recommending materials

Nothing wrong with recommending a third-party product as part of your service, is there? No, but if it goes wrong, you could be held liable. Here's why.

What’s an employer reference number?

What's an employer reference number? Why do you need one? Wondering why we’re asking you these questions? Here's your answer.

Professional indemnity insurance for management consultants

We all know what can happen to best-laid plans. Here's how to make sure you're protected if the worst happens.

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Risk tips for marketing consultants

Invest in a specialist professional indemnity policy. The security that comes with knowing the might of an insurer are behind you is not to be sniffed at.

Welcome to PolicyBee

PolicyBee is brought to you by the same people who, back in 2004, created the first website in the UK to provide an online insurance service for independent professionals and consultancies.

Why client sign off matters

It’s a good idea to be aware of what client sign off means, why it makes good business sense to get it and how you can make sure you do.

What does professional indemnity insurance cover?

The straightforward answer is something along the lines of ‘claims of negligence against you by a disgruntled client’. But that's only half the story.

Insurance for web designers

Do web designers need insurance? The short answer is 'yes'. Find out what can go wrong, how insurance helps and how to stop it happening in the first place.

A new register for health and safety consultants

The OSHCR is asking members to meet various minimum entry criteria - including having professional indemnity (PI) insurance.

Why you need terms and conditions

It's good business practice to have terms and conditions. Why? They protect you and make you look good. What else is there?

Check the wording of your IT industry insurance policy

Professional indemnity for IT consultants isn't simple. With so many different roles, come so many different risks. Check your policy wording.