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What’s an insurance excess?

An insurance excess is the amount you pay towards a claim. Usually, the higher your excess, the lower your premium (and vice versa). But not always ...

How to work out your professional indemnity insurance level of cover

There's no simple answer as every business is different. But here's what to consider when deciding on your professional indemnity insurance level of cover.

Indemnity claims stories: the accountant

Here's some insight into what a professional indemnity insurance claim feels like. Turns out it's not the end of the world after all.

The story of a designer’s professional indemnity claim

One bad file. 5000 wrongly printed reports. A valuable client and £thousands at risk. Here's the true story of a designer's professional indemnity claim.

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Small businesses fail to claim riot damage funds

of the £20m allocated to the High Street Support Scheme, only a fraction has found its way to those who need it. It seems that businesses have been very slow to claim what they’re legitimately entitled to.

Is your insurance ‘any one claim’ or ‘in the aggregate’?

Is your professional indemnity insurance ‘any one claim’ or ‘in the aggregate’? And why does it make a difference? As always, it's all to do with money...

Business insurance – claiming for riot damage

If your business is one of the unlucky ones caught up in the recent urban carnage, it’s possible you’ll be making a claim under your business insurance policy.