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health and safety

Why fighting your fear of the dentist is worth it

There's evidence that untreated teeth and gum problems can lead to more serious health concerns - whiich is why conquering a fear of the dentist is crucial.

Why deep vein thrombosis can be a threat to your business

Sitting at a desk all day puts people at greater risk of deep vein thrombosis - a potentially fatal blood clot. Here's some ideas for minimising the danger.

Impact of long working hours on IT professionals and ways to cope with stress

IT professionals work extremely long hours. How is this affecting their health and daily lives? And how can they manage stress?

Insurance for videographers

You can disaster-proof your set, or try to protect your equipment from damage, but insurance for videographers is essential in case the worst should happen.

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Trustees’ insurance: why you need it

Running a charity? For the sake of your bank balance, getting trustees' insurance should be the first thing on your to-do list. Here's why

Why charities need employers’ liability insurance

If your small charity has staff, volunteers, or both, find out why employers' liability insurance is essential. Essential if you want to avoid fines, anyway

Why do charities need public liability insurance?

If you're a charity that holds the odd event, you can't afford to go without public liability insurance for charities. Here's why you need it.

Charities’ and trustees’ insurance

Do you need charities' and trustees' insurance? Considering you could be personally liable if you're accused of doing something wrong, we'd say yes.

CDM 2015, principal designers, and PI insurance

CDM co-ordinator is no more. Step up, the principal designer. FIne in theory, but does it mean extra risk? And if so, what can you do about it?

Employers’ liability insurance: claims and premiums on the up

Despite a fall in workplace incidents, employers' liability claims are on the rise, increasing insurance premiums as they go.

Red Tape Challenge: H&S inspections cut

As part of its Red Tape Challenge, the government has announced a cull of burdensome health and safety legislation. Thank goodness for that, right?

New HSE risk assessment tool

If you’re not already aware, the law says that all businesses have to complete a health and safety risk assessment. If your business has five or more staff you’ll need to keep a written record of it too.