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Car valeting insurance

Keep your business shining with car valeter insurance. It's the vehicle you need if there's a mishap at work.

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More than soap and suds

Car valeting businesses come in many shapes and sizes. A bit like cars. And professionally valeting a car is more work than a bit of spit and polish.

As a professional car valeter, you'll use cleaning chemicals and specialist equipment. And accidents can, and unfortunately do, happen.

Car valeting insurance will help wash away the stress if a customer claims you've damaged their car (or them). It pays your legal costs and any compensation awarded, keeping your business running smoothly and your reputation untarnished.

Who needs car valeting insurance?

As a car valeter, you come into contact with people and their cars multiple times a day. And lots of people with lots of cars mean accidents can happen.

Your business could be mobile, with you visiting your customers' homes or workplace. Or you might have premises where people come to you. You could work by yourself or have a team.

Whatever your setup, if someone claims you've damaged their property or injured them, that can mean expensive legal bills and compensation claims. And unless you have legal expertise and an unlimited budget, you'll probably need car valeting insurance to help you out.

What insurance do I need for car valeting?

Whether you're mobile or based on a forecourt, your business is about cars and their drivers.

Wherever you work, there's a chance you could damage someone's property. And in your line of work, that means either their expensive car or what's inside. On a really unlucky day, it could even mean an injury to the owner.

Imagine breaking a wing mirror by accident or scratching perfect paintwork with a stone that's got stuck in your sponge. These mishaps can be hugely costly to repair.

Or what if you're at someone's house when they pop outside to see how you're getting on. They trip over the vac cable and break their wrist in the fall.

Public liability insurance is your safety belt if your business is accused of damaging something or someone. It pays legal fees to defend you (even if you're not at fault) and covers any compensation you owe.

What other insurance might I need?

You'll need to add on employers’ liability insurance if you have staff. It's a legal requirement, even if your workforce is voluntary or temporary. You could face a fine if you don't have it.

Employers' liability protects your team if they suffer illness or injury at work. It pays any compensation awarded if a staff member makes a claim against you and your business is at fault. It also covers your legal costs.

A decent pressure washer or vacuum cleaner doesn't come cheap, and they can be essential for a top-notch job. If you've invested in kit, then you'll need portable tools and equipment insurance. It pays to repair or replace equipment as new if it's lost, damaged or stolen. And it keeps your customers' cars sparkling because it keeps you working.

You might also want to consider personal accident insurance. If you're self-employed and have an accident, it's always good to have a backup plan if you can't work for a while. Personal accident insurance can pay a lump sum to help keep you on track financially.

How much does car valeting insurance cost?

However you run your business, public liability insurance should be at the top of your list when you're choosing insurance.

Whatever your setup is - you could be self-employed, have a team, be mobile or have premises - public liability covers your business. And it can make a big difference if you compare the cost of a policy to the cost of car repairs following accidental damage. Or in comparison to the legal fees if you're sued for injuring someone.

Of course, one car valeting business is never the same as the next. You'll pay more for having employees or portable equipment you want insuring. But getting a quote is the best way of finding out exactly how much you’ll pay to keep your business looking squeaky clean.

Why should I buy my car valeter's insurance from you?

We make it simple, from getting an online quote to being professionally insured. In just a few clicks, you can get your documents delivered straight to your inbox. Easy.

We speak in plain English, not jargon, and our experts are on hand if you'd prefer to talk. As specialists in professional insurance, we're in the best place to get you a policy that's right for you and your business.

And we give you free stuff, including:

  • an "I'm insured" badge for your website
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  • our advice hub - full of helpful information for your business.

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