List of goods per category

Products accepted
Art, antiques, collectibles and memorabilia
Books, comics and magazines
Cameras and photographic materials
Ceramics, pottery, china and glassware
Clothing and shoes
Computer games, DVDs, CDs, records and tapes
Electrical appliances and computer equipment
Eyewear and glasses
Fabrics, knitting, sewing and needlecraft materials
Food and drink, including alcohol
Garden and patio furniture and equipment, excluding power tools
Homeware, including home furniture and soft furnishings
Jewellery, watches and clocks
Kitchenware and cutlery
Luggage and handbags
Musical instruments, sheet music and accessories
Office supplies and stationery, including arts and craft materials
Pet supplies (domestic animals only)
Plants, flowers, seeds and horticultural goods (non-agricultural only)
Sports, outdoor and camping equipment
Toiletries, cosmetics and beauty products (third party)
Toys and baby equipment
Wigs and hairpieces

Products NOT accepted
Adult toys, marital and sex aids
Agricultural supplies, including fertilisers and animal feed
Aircraft, missiles, spacecraft, and associated equipment
Animals and livestock
Asbestos and any materials containing asbestos
Chemicals and cleaning products
DIY, flooring and building materials
Flammables, including liquid and gaseous fuels and their appliances
Fireworks, pyrotechnics and explosives
Pesticides and fungicides
Liquid and gaseous fuels
Medical and health products including pharmaceuticals
Motor vehicles and motor cycles, including parts, accessories and associated equipment
Nuclear materials
Power tools, including electrical, fuelled or motorised gardening equipment
Tobacco, cigarettes, cigars, e-cigarettes, legal highs and drug paraphernalia
Watercraft and hovercraft, including parts, accessories and associated equipment
Weapons, firearms and munitions