Risk tips for teachers

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Tough lesson Idea_Cristian Carrara

Self-employed teachers: we salute you.

Battling through blank expressions, imparting wisdom on our unwilling little darlings. Great feeling when it all clicks, too.

But it’s a big responsibility. And sadly, that great … Read more....

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What’s the difference between professional indemnity and public liability insurance?

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Spot the differenceThe Astronaut Twins_Windell Oskay

Well done if you guessed they’re both types of insurance.

However, they’re two quite different types of insurance.

If you don’t know the difference, read this Q&A we had with a … Read more....

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Six big insurance questions we’ve been asked this week

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Customers confused concerning cover question_cesar bojorquez

Each week we get a flurry of questions from bemused business owners who want to protect themselves from potentially prickly insurance claims.

If you can relate to this feeling of … Read more....

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Say hello to our new IT contractor insurance packages

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 A click in the right direction

We’re excited to launch our brand new, all-in-one, really competitive insurance packages for IT contractors. If your turnover is £100,000 or less then you’ve come to the right … Read more....

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Insurance for photographers

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Focused help

Photographers looking for insurance advice aren’t helped too much by the internet.

Google ‘photographer’s insurance’ and you get a world of insurance to buy, but little help on what you need.

Until … Read more....

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Public liability insurance explained

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Warning sign for trip hazard Damage limitation

A frequent source of delicate confusion is the difference between professional indemnity insurance and public liability insurance.

Wires get so crossed that, instead of public liability, we’re often asked for something … Read more....

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