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The Plain English Campaign’s Crystal Mark seal of approval


The Crystal Mark from the Plain English Campaign marks out jargon-free websites from the rest

The Plain English Campaign has been campaigning against “gobbledygook, jargon and misleading public information” since 1979. The organisation has worked with UK government departments, authorities, and private companies alike to help make sure their public information is crystal clear.

A match made in heaven, then, because we're all about jargon free, too.

The Plain English Campaign's Internet Crystal Mark

The Internet Crystal Mark is the seal of approval for companies committed to plain English throughout their website.

Being 'approved' means your site's language, accessibility, navigation, design and layout work separately and together to prove you're doing everything practical to promote clarity.

So it goes without saying we're chuffed to be an Internet Crystal Mark holder.

It hasn't happened by accident and it's not something we've done just because it looks good. It's one of the reasons we exist.

Our CEO, Iain Hatfield, explains:

“PolicyBee began because I was frustrated at how unnecessarily complicated business insurance is. I don’t like how confusing the language can be, I don’t like how difficult it can be for businesses to understand what they need, and I don’t like how lengthy both the process and the documents can be. I set out to redefine what an insurance broker should be by listening to our customers. They want plain-speaking, valuable guidance from honest experts who know what they’re talking about, and I’m delighted our website showcases and reinforces these values.”

We'll keep trying to do insurance better

And we'll do it because that's what our customers want, and because there's always room for improvement.

To keep us on our toes, our Crystal Mark seal of approval is reviewed every year to make sure we're still hitting the clarity mark.

If there's something we've missed, or you've got feedback on how we can do better, drop a line to and let us know.

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