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Business contents insurance

Replace or repair broken, damaged or stolen assets with business contents insurance.

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Business contents insurance
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Protect your assets

Accidents and incidents happen. Things get broken, stuff gets nicked. If you're really unlucky, your business premises could suffer damage from a flood or fire.

And if disaster strikes, it's not just the big, expensive things you'll have to replace.

Business contents insurance can help get you back on your feet. It pays to repair or replace lost or damaged items like office furniture and equipment. And if there's damage to your premises, it can pay to replace fixtures and fittings like the carpet or light fittings.

Contents insurance for your business means losing your stuff in a burglary needn't mean losing business. And a fire won't burn a hole in your bank balance.

Who needs business contents insurance?

The first question to answer is…does your business have 'contents'?

If your company's based on your dining room table or in an office or design studio, you'll probably have a computer, printer, desk chair etc. Or perhaps you work in a clinic or salon, so you have chairs, treatment tables, mirrors, and more. You might own a shop, run a gym, or own a dental practice with fixtures, fittings, or specialist equipment.

All these items are 'contents'.

And, if there's a break-in and equipment gets stolen, or a fire or flood causes damage, you'll need to fund some repairs. Or get some replacements to get you up and running again. Without the stuff that's damaged or nicked, your company can't carry on.

Business contents insurance is there for any business that doesn't have a bottomless bank balance in case of emergency.

How much does business contents insurance cost?

A bit like your home contents insurance, the cost of your business contents insurance will depend on the replacement cost of the assets you have.

The best way to work out how much insurance you need is to make a list of everything you'd need to replace if disaster was to strike. And then look at how much that would cost.

Don't forget the little things either. A new kettle, some new folders for a filing system or new shelves…they all add up and can be costly to replace all at once.

You need to make sure the total figure is accurate because you don't want to lose out if you're underinsured…and get stung twice. You can read more about what underinsurance means and its consequences here.

If you rent your workspace, check with your landlord to see what their insurance covers. Because just as much as you don't want to be underinsured, you don't want to double up on cover either.

What does business contents insurance cover?

Business contents insurance is what's called an 'all risks' policy. That means your business assets are covered for physical damage and other losses like fire, theft and flood.

Business contents insurance covers:

  • Fixtures and fittings including shop fittings, kitchens, flooring, interior decoration. Essentially anything that's 'attached' to the building.
  • Equipment and furniture like computers, printers, tills, chairs, desks, cabinets, even your coffee maker.
  • Personal belongings of your employees or volunteers if they're lost, damaged or stolen.

And if you're responsible for things that aren't actually owned by you (you've hired or borrowed them, for example), they're covered too.

Do I need contents insurance for my home-based business?

You'll need to check your home policy for what is and isn't covered.

Most of the time, anything you use for your business won't be included in your personal home insurance policy. That means you'll need extra business contents insurance through a business provider for your work stuff.

You can read more about insurance for your home office here.

Why should I buy my business contents insurance from you?

Because we're professional insurance experts. And we're digital, so getting your insurance is quick and hassle-free. Plus, your documents are delivered straight to your inbox. Easy.

You'll get a platinum-standard service - our customer feedback on Feefo speaks for itself.

And if you need us, we have a friendly team of insurance-savvy experts you can call. They speak plain English too - we've banned insurance jargon.

Anything else? Absolutely.

We give you free stuff, including an "I'm insured" badge for your website and a cash bonus each time someone you've recommended us to buys a policy.

Plus, there's our free advice hub full of helpful information for your business.

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