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Office insurance

Workspace woes and equipment catastrophes can stop you working. Office insurance cover protects your premises, the things inside, and your portable kit too.

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Commercial property
from £11.76 a month
£150,000 cover for your buildings and structures
Business contents
from £3.27 a month
£5,000 cover for all your kit, plus your fixtures and fittings
Portable equipment
from £4.48 a month
£5,000 cover for the things you take with you, like laptops and phones
Minimum policy premiums apply. All prices include IPT at 12%.
Official business

Call it an ‘office’. Call it a studio, a salon, a treatment room or anything else. Call it ‘Bert’ if you like.

What it is, is the place you run your business from. It’s at the very heart of what you do. And that makes protecting it with an office insurance policy essential.

Because if your workspace is out of action for any reason, it’s actually a no-work-space. Likewise if your equipment’s been trashed or it’s gone walkabout in a burglary.

By taking good care of your prize assets, office insurance keeps you working. It helps prevent your revenue and clients from going walkabout too.

What does office insurance cover?

An office insurance policy pays for repairs to or replacement of the physical things that help you run your business if they’re damaged, stolen, or lost.

They’re the things that make your business tick and which you can’t do business without. Apart from the humans, that is.

It’s mix-and-match insurance. So exactly what office insurance cover you opt for will depend on what you do and where you do it.

Commercial property insurance protects your workspace in case it’s damaged, say by a fire, flood or accident. That’s no matter what shape it takes, from penthouse to portakabin.

Business contents insurance looks after the tools of your trade, whether that’s office and IT equipment or specialist kit. Also your furniture, fixtures and fittings.

Portable equipment insurance covers the kit you take out and about with you like laptops, phones, cameras and other specialist business equipment.

So…take your pick.

Who needs office insurance?

More like, who doesn’t need office insurance cover?

It’s a simple equation. If you have no place to work, or nothing to do your work with, no work gets done. That means hacked-off clients and revenue running through your fingers.

Office insurance helps you get back to business pdq. It pays to repair or replace whatever’s damaged or missing as soon as possible. And that goes whether you’re an accountant, architect, aesthetician, or anything else.

The reality is that an event like a flood from a burst pipe or a full-scale burglary can pretty much wipe you out. Even a single piece of pricey kit requiring replacement can put a serious strain on your cash flow.

Business office insurance gives you peace of mind that all your essentials are covered. It means having to put your premises back to rights or replace your equipment t doesn’t have to break the bank.

How much does office insurance cost?

That depends. Because an office insurance quote can include all three types of office insurance or just one.

And that’s the beauty of it. Office insurance’s flexibility means you can cover only what you need to. Why splash cash on buildings insurance if you don’t own your workspace?

You can also match your level of cover to the value of your premises or kit. The trick here is to tot everything up, so you’re not underinsured.

Obviously, the amount you pay for your insurance increases as your level of cover does. But as a guide, this is what to expect:

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