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Tradesmen insurance

Keep your business and reputation safe as houses with tradesmen insurance. It's the tool you need when a job doesn't go to plan.

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Public liability insurance
from £5.60 a month for £1,000,000 cover

for physical damage and injuries caused by your business

Based on covering one person. All prices include IPT at 12%. Quote online or call and talk to an expert.
Hit the nail on the head

Big jobs or small ones, you're a helping hand. You build things, fix faults, fit systems or clean and sort your client's home or garden.

But as handy as you are, accidents happen. Your drill hits an electric cable. Your customer takes a tumble over your toolbox. Or the leaky bathroom tap you thought you'd fixed brings the ceiling down.

There’s a whole list of things that can go wrong when you’re using your tricks of the trade. Things can get damaged, people can get hurt, and the finger of blame can point in your direction.

So it makes sense to be prepared. Find yourself in a fix with an unhappy customer, and tradesmen insurance can pay any legal costs and compensation if there’s a claim against you. Job done.

What trades are covered with tradesmen insurance?

From aerial and satellite dish installers to window cleaners, we can help. Our tradesmen insurance covers a long list of occupations, including:

  • alarm installer
  • builder (commercial and PDH)
  • car valeter
  • cleaner
  • electrician / electrical contractor
  • fencer
  • gardener
  • gas fitter
  • heating engineer
  • kitchen installer
  • plasterer / dry liner
  • pressure cleaner
  • pest and vermin exterminator
  • tiler
  • window cleaner

And many more...

What types of tradesmen insurance do I need?

Public liability (PL) insurance is a must because of what you do, how you do it, and the tools you use.

You’re up a ladder and drop your hammer on a client’s expensive tiled floor smashing several tiles. Or, worse still, you drop your hammer on them. Your client could sue you for damages.

PL covers you (or an employee) if you break something or accidentally injure someone, and it's your fault. It pays for a lawyer to defend you and any compensation awarded.

And if you employ anyone, employers' liability is a legal obligation, even if it's part-time or temporary. The Health and Safety Executive, who enforce the law, can fine you for every day you don't have it.

Wherever you work, accidents can happen. An employee could fall off a ladder or inhale toxic fumes. If they claim your business is to blame for their injury or illness, you’ll need a bank balance large enough to pay legal fees and possible compensation. Employer’s liability does both.

What other insurance might I need?

If you do the type of work where a little mistake now can equal a big oops later, you need professional indemnity insurance (PI). Say you’re a plumber and your customer claims your faulty bathroom installation caused major water damage. Whether it was your fault or not.

Legal matters require lawyers, and lawyers cost money. Without PI, you’ll need to pay for one out of your own pocket - plus any damages due if it comes to it. Professional indemnity insurance covers both.

When you’re self-employed, you are your business, so any time away from it costs you money. Personal accident cover can help if you can’t work because you’re injured, even if it happens outside work hours. It pays a sum to tide you over until you’re back on your feet.

Covering any tools and equipment makes sense, especially if your kit is valuable. Your tradesmen insurance can include cover for accidental damage or theft (including from your van during the day), as long as you have your valuables listed on your schedule.

Do you hire construction machinery or tools? If you accidentally damage something you've borrowed, the hire company will be out of pocket while you get it repaired. They'll probably want you to cover the costs. Hired-in plant insurance pays the hire charges in the meantime.

Do I need insurance for subcontractors?

Subcontractors can be the perfect solution when you need a backup or extra workforce. But the type of insurance you need depends on the type of subcontractor you hire.

A labour-only subcontractor means you dictate their hours. You supervise them, they use your tools and materials, and you probably pay them a salary.

A labour-only subcontractor works almost as an employee. If you have a workforce already, they should be covered by your existing employers' liability and public liability insurance.

However, it's worth letting your insurance company or broker know you've hired extra staff. If you're usually a one-man band, you'll need to get employers' liability (EL). It's a legal requirement if you employ anyone – even if they're temporary.

Or, you might employ a bona fide subcontractor. They'll invoice you for their time, bring their own tools, work their own hours. You'll need to check they have their own public liability insurance and, if they have their own staff, that they're insured too. You don't need EL for these subcontractors.

A bona fide subcontractor will need to sign a contract with you, holding them accountable for their work and deadlines. Legal expenses cover can help if you have a dispute with these contractors.

Do you cover self-employed tradesmen?

Self-employed, limited company, partnership. It doesn't matter how your company is set up. Our insurance for tradesmen covers it all.

Why should I buy my tradesmen insurance from you?

We're business insurance specialists who know that time is money and isn't always on your side.

Because we're digital, you can get a quote in minutes and your insurance in just a few clicks. And your documents are delivered straight to your inbox.

You can also call us. Our experts are real people in a real office, ready and waiting to help. We don't have a call centre or a phone menu either. We like to keep things simple.

And as a bonus, we give you free stuff too, including:

  • an "I'm insured" badge for your website
  • a cash bonus each time someone you've recommended us to buys a policy
  • our advice hub - full of helpful information for your business.

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