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Aesthetics insurance

Get a treatment wrong and the consequences will be more than cosmetic. A client suing you for malpractice and negligence will hurt your business. Protect it with insurance for aestheticians and cosmetics practitioners.

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Treatment and Professional liability
from £34 a month for £250,000 cover

Malpractice – for bodily injury, illness or death of clients caused by your negligence
Indemnity – for breach of care, confidentiality, or dishonesty

addPublic liability
£5.60 a month
£1,000,000 for physical damage and injuries caused by your business
addClinic cover
£3.27 a month
£5,000 to replace clinic equipment you use
Based on an annual income of up to £50,000. All prices include IPT at 12%.
Quote online for turnovers up to £250,000, or call and talk to an expert.
More than face value

Despite your best intentions, things don’t always go according to plan. An unhappy client claiming you’ve injured them or made a mistake spells expensive trouble. Not only are you potentially liable for any compensation but you’ll have legal bills to pay, too. And while you’re dealing with all that, who’s running your business?

Rescue your reputation, your bank balance and your stress levels with aesthetics insurance. It covers the costs of fighting your legal corner if there’s a claim against you, and covers any damages or compensation you have to pay if a case doesn’t go your way.

It’s protection that’s more than skin deep.

Why do you need aesthetics insurance?

Years of training and experience are, unfortunately, no guarantee of success. You’re confident and conscientious, of course, but there’s always the slim possibility something could go wrong.

If that happens, you’re in the kind of business that can’t hide its mistakes. And unhappy clients will be quick to point the finger.

Claims against you take time, know-how and money to deal with. Aesthetics insurance gives you all three.

Apart from providing details of what’s happened, you don’t have to get involved. You can get on with running your business, safe in the knowledge it’ll still be in one piece when it’s all over.

What aesthetics insurance do you need?

As a minimum, we’d say you shouldn’t do without:

Treatment and Professional liability insurance: covers bodily injury, illness or death caused by your business’s negligence when carrying out treatments. And breach of care, confidentiality, or dishonesty.

Public liability insurance: covers ‘slip and trip’ claims at your clinic, and physical damage claims against you if you go out to see clients.

You should also think about covering the equipment you use, and the place you use it. Business interruption insurance means you can still trade following a disaster, and cyber insurance is an absolute must for any business that runs its own website, uses email or stores customer details electronically.

What does aesthetics and cosmetics insurance cover?

As far as treatment and professional liability insurance goes, if a client you’ve treated isn’t happy with what you’ve done, they can claim against you for malpractice and negligence. Two things (among others) covered by your aesthetics insurance.

Malpractice claims usually involve allegations of bodily injury, illness or death caused by your treatments. If that happens, you’ll need a solicitor to defend you and deep pockets to pay any compensation if you’re at fault. Aesthetics insurance covers it, meaning you don’t have to spend time or money away from running your business.

Negligence claims are based around someone saying you haven’t done your job properly, and go hand-in-hand with malpractice claims. Again, you’ll need lots of time, money and legal know-how to deal with one. And again, your aesthetics insurance covers it.

Also covered are claims for things such as breaching someone’s confidential information and being party to spreading a computer virus.

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Made the purchase easy and hope they make it just as easy to make a claim shoukd ever the need arise. only then can I give a true rating. But initial communication Good.
Beauty therapy
22 January 2020
Absolutely perfect service, I didn’t really know what I needed when I rang and Laura helped me through the process in a very lovely manner made it an easy exciting step in my bus’s I was so Thankyou so much Laura, xo
Beauty therapy
6 December 2019
Getting insurance was very easy and straight forward. All docs are available online and can be downloaded!
Beauty therapy
2 December 2019
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