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Essential cover for professional videographers
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Photography equipment insurance pays quickly to fix or replace your cameras, laptop, phone, lights, sound recording equipment etc. The price above includes £3,999 of equipment for £3.03 a month, which can be customised to match your needs.

Public liability insurance covers third-party property damage and injury caused by you or your business. It’s useful if you go out and about to meetings or events, or if people come and see you.

Professional indemnity insurance defends you against claims of negligence, breach of confidentiality, dishonesty, libel and slander.

Equipment breakdown insurance covers electrical or mechanical malfunction of equipment including data recovery.

+ Legal expenses
 a month
£100,000 For commercial legal disputes and debt recovery
Based on an annual income of up to £40,000. All prices include IPT at 12%.
Quote online for turnovers up to £5,000,000, or call and talk to an expert.
Strife through a lens

Shoots are chaotic places. You don’t need the added distraction of making sure your equipment and the people who go near it stay in one piece.

You also don’t need the uncertainty that your creative effort is open to criticism and claims. Not just from unhappy clients but from those alleging that your great idea was theirs first.

So, what you do need is protection. Well here it is, in one handy package, ready to go when you are.

What insurance do videographers need?

In our experience, most videographers’ claims are for broken or lost equipment. Aside from the inconvenience, being without the stuff you need costs time and money. It needs looking after – and it’s unlikely you can afford to replace all of it in one go. Insuring it means you don’t have to.

You’ll need public liability insurance too, because other people and their property also need looking after. If you or your equipment accidently damage something or someone, you can be looking at a big bill to compensate them or fix what’s broken. Public liability insurance means your insurer picks up the tab instead.

If you have employees (including part-timers, unpaid helpers, temps and interns) the Health and Safety Executive wants you to have employers’ liability insurance. That’s the legally required one.

And, if you value your reputation, it’s probably a good idea to have some professional indemnity insurance. This one covers the work you do, and the consequences of a client thinking you’ve not done it very well (even if you think you have).

How does professional indemnity insurance protect me?

If a client is unhappy with your work, professional indemnity insurance pays for your defence costs and any compensation you’re liable for if they decide to sue you. Even if you’ve not actually done anything wrong.

It’s cover for you, your business and your reputation.

What kind of problems are covered by professional indemnity insurance?

Professional indemnity insurance covers you if your clients don’t like the films you’ve made for them or if a technical problem with your equipment means you can’t do something you said you could. So, it could pay the cost of reshooting a corporate video if the boss isn’t happy, for example.

It also covers you for things like infringement of intellectual property and breach of confidentiality. Useful in this information-is-everywhere age.

Why should I buy my insurance from you?

Glad you asked.

The simple answer is: we know what we’re doing. Professional insurance is all we do so we know what you need, even if you don’t.

We also know that buying insurance can be, well, a bit of a pain. So we make sure getting yours is quick and hassle-free.

We do all that while treating you like a human being, too. You won’t find a call centre here. Or a phone menu. And we’ve banned nonsense insurance jargon.

Anything else? Well, there’s the great stuff you get, such as 20% off everything at MOO. We have an ‘I’m insured!’ badge for your website too – perfect for the professional professional.

Also, we’ll give you money each time you recommend us.

Plus, every insurance-related question you can think of is answered in our School of Risk, and you’ll get our quarterly risk advice email – ‘The Waggle’ – to help you avoid problems in the first place.

If you’re after a second opinion, have a look at our customers’ feedback. They’re the ones you should really listen to.

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