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Community group insurance

Community group insurance that cares for your group – so you can get on with the important job of caring for your community.

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Community group insurance from £89.60 a year

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Community group insurance that’s firmly in your corner

Community groups are all about supporting others and giving something back.

But whose got your back if there’s a problem? Say a visitor has some sort of accident or there’s an accusation your group did something wrong?

Our insurance for community groups looks after your group in the same protective way that your group looks out for the people in your community.

What community group insurance do you need?

Public liability for your groups’ activities

Things not quite going to plan can have costly consequences. Like someone being accidentally injured. Or property being damaged in some way.

Public liability insurance is there for those times. Say a visitor falls foul of an electrical lead left trailing across the floor. Or a wrongly placed rug causes a slip, a slipped disc, and a smashed laptop.

If there’s a trip, a fall, or another kind of mishap, public liability insurance covers your legal costs and any compensation owed.

Trustees’ and officers’ insurance for your group’s decision-makers

Whether they’re aware of it or not, your group’s trustees, officers and committee members shoulder legal responsibility for what your group does and the way it does it.

If there’s an accusation something isn’t quite right, perhaps a question over finances, decision-making or your group’s specific activities, trustees and officers can be singled out as personally liable. That puts them at risk of having to settle claims out of their own pocket.

Trustees’ and officers’ insurance helps by picking up the tab for your expert legal representation. It also covers any civil fines and compensation.

Employers’ liability insurance for your group’s staff and volunteers

You’re focused on serving the people in your community. And to do that, you need the help of other people, whether they’re fully employed, part-time or volunteers.

The Health and Safety Executive makes you legally responsible for your workforce and says you have a duty of care to them. Part of that responsibility lies in having employers’ liability insurance.

Employers’ liability works two ways if someone claims they suffered an injury or were made ill by doing what they do for your group. It helps out by paying both your legal costs and any compensation due to the claimant.

Contents & equipment insurance for all your group’s kit

If your community group relies on any sort of equipment to keep the wheels turning, contents and equipment insurance covers it. All of it, at the value you choose.

That means if any of your group’s stuff is stolen, damaged or lost, you don’t have to worry. Your insurance pays to have it repaired or replaced as new. That goes for your computers and technical kit too, as well as items you carry with you, like laptops.

If you have a permanent base, you might want to think about adding business interruption insurance. When unexpected events like a fire or flood put your premises out of action, it covers costs for you to set up somewhere else in the meantime.

Professional indemnity for your community group’s services and advice

Do you offer some sort of service or advice in your efforts to help your community? If so, professional indemnity insurance can help deal with any accusations that you caused someone harm.

Claims that your advice or services hindered rather than helped someone can be damaging. Say you assist someone with filling out a form, but it backfires, and they allege it’s your fault they lost out on a grant or a visa.

Lawyers and court settlements don’t come cheap. Luckily, professional indemnity covers your legal costs and compensation. It also deals with claims of defamation and breach of copyright.

Cyber insurance for your group’s data

Cyber insurance offers a lifeline if your group is hit by a cyber-attack and hackers sneak onto your systems.

Designed to help get your group’s networks, systems, and websites back to normal as fast as possible, it provides expert technical help to stop an attack, repair damage and restore data.

A data breach can mean sensitive information like people’s names, addresses and financial details end up in the wrong hands. If that happens, cyber insurance pays to deal with any claims for compensation and investigations by the regulator.

Why should I buy my group insurance from you?

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What else? Oh yes, you can buy your insurance online in minutes using our easy online quote journey, with document sent straight to your inbox.

But if you want to talk to someone, you can do that too. Our friendly advisers are always ready to help. And we don’t use phone menus, call centres or jargon.

Plus, we offer free online learning in important areas like health & safety, safeguarding and data protection. And a reward if you recommend us. So, what’s not to like?

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