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Shop insurance

Add retail insurance to your shopping list and bag protection for your business from liability claims, lost or damaged stock, and more.

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Public liability insurance
from £11.93 a month for £1,000,000 cover

Public liability insurance covers you for physical damage and injuries caused by your business.

Employers’ liability
£8.87 a month
£10,000,000 legally required cover for employers
Stock and contents
£14.00 a month
£50,000 to replace stock and static business equipment
Based on a quote for a florist with an annual income of up to £100,000. All prices include IPT at 12%. Quote online or call and talk to an expert.
When accidents affect your offers

Shop owner? Then you’ll know all about how important your customers, your staff, and your stock are to your business. Because without them, you don’t have one.

So what do you do if a customer has an accident in your shop? Or your stock gets destroyed by a flood? Or an employee is injured at work?

Your time, money, and reputation could be on the line.

Shop insurance is there to protect you. And the things that are most important to your business. Even if the worst happens.

Who needs shop insurance?

If you run your business from a commercial property and rely on customer footfall, then shop insurance is for you.

You might be a baker, a florist, an optician, a tailor, or run a small, local café. Whatever your shop does, if you have customers visiting and buying things, then you need shop insurance.

The kind of shop insurance you’ll need will depend on what your shop does. And if you have any staff. Or you rely on stock that’s stored on-site or nearby.

People are accident prone. If a customer injures themselves or damages their property in your shop and it’s your fault, you’d be in a tough situation without public liability insurance.

You also have to worry about your staff. If they suffer a work-related injury or illness, you’d be under a lot of stress if you didn’t have employers’ liability insurance.

When it comes to your stock, a flood or a fire could wipe out your ability to trade. Without stock insurance, you’d risk going out of business.

Does a shop need public liability insurance?

If your shop receives customers or visitors, then you need public liability insurance. Even if you don’t have high footfall.

Public liability insurance covers you if a member of the public is injured when they’re visiting your shop and it’s your fault.

It also covers you if their property gets damaged while they’re with you and you’re to blame.

Let’s say a customer slips on a wet floor in your shop. They hurt their back and can’t work for a few months while they recuperate. They decide to sue you for compensation.

Without public liability insurance in place, you’d have to pay for your own solicitor as well as picking up the tab for any compensation you owe.

Personal injury claims can run to many thousands of pounds, so even one situation like this could put a shop out of business.

What does shop insurance cover?

As far as public liability insurance is concerned, shop insurance covers you if a member of the public is hurt while they’re visiting your shop and you’re to blame. You’ll also be covered if their property is damaged and it’s your fault.

Employers’ liability insurance covers you if an employee is injured or becomes ill while working for you. You need this by law if you have any employees. Even if they’re part-time. If you’re held liable, shop insurance will pay for your legal fees and any compensation awarded to your employee.

Shop insurance isn’t just for employees and customers, though. You can also add stock insurance, which covers you if your stock is damaged or stolen. It even covers you if it’s not stored on-site. Or it’s in-transit.

How much does shop insurance cost?

Owning a shop comes with a lot of risks. Members of the public constantly visiting you, valuable stock being stored and moved, and employees working in a fast-paced environment.

Not to mention that every shop is different. Shop insurance has to be flexible enough to fit every business that needs it. So the cost varies depending on a few different things:

  • The nature of your shop/retail business
  • What kind of products you sell
  • Where your shop is located
  • Your footfall
  • The amount of stock you store and where it’s stored
  • The number of employees you have
  • Your annual turnover.

The best way to find out how much you’ll pay for shop insurance to cover your business is to get a quote.

What other insurance do I need?

There might be other parts of your business that you need cover for.

Commercial property insurance pays to repair the damage if something happens to your shop. Like a flood, a fire, or someone breaking a window.

Business interruption insurance is there for when an unexpected event, like a burst water main or a fire at a neighbouring unit, means you can’t trade as normal. It pays for your lost income while you get back up and running.

When the worst happens, you also need to worry about all the valuable items inside your shop. Business contents insurance pays to repair or replace these. It also covers fixtures and fittings, like carpets and lights. And even the personal belongings of your employees. So if a flood strikes or you’re burgled, you won’t be out of pocket.

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