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Essential, off-the-shelf protection for selling online. One policy can cover stock theft and damage, things going wrong with what you sell, and the health and safety of the people you work with.

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a month
Public liability
Products liability
 a month

Public liability insurance covers third-party property damage and injury caused by you or your business. It’s useful if you go out and about to meetings or events, or if people come and see you.

Products liability insurance covers damage to people and property caused by the products you sell, and that you’re liable for.

+ Stock and property
 a month
£5,000 of your inventory and equipment
+ Employers’ liability
 a month
£10,000,000 of legally required cover for having staff
Based on an annual income of up to £100,000. All prices include IPT at 12%.
Quote online for turnovers up to £500,000, or call and talk to an expert.
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Unfortunately, selling online doesn’t mean ‘out of sight, out of mind’. Your responsibilities (and problems) as a retailer don’t change just because you’re not on the high street.

You’re still liable for the things you sell. Fire or theft could still wipe out your stock. Winter weather can still break your supply chain.

Online retailers’ insurance helps protect you and your business if there’s a claim against you, covering your defence costs and any compensation you’re liable for. It keeps you up and running when events conspire against you, too.

So you get support and security when you need it most.

Two for the price of one, you might say.

Who is this insurance for?

UK-based business, selling physical goods online to customers anywhere in the world. Occasional selling in real life at, say, an exhibition, trade fair or in a pop-up shop is covered too.

What does online retailers’ insurance cover?

Running an online retail business means keeping track of a thousand things at once. This insurance helps by looking after the things you might miss. It does this by splitting the risky bits into manageable chunks.

So, you’re covered for:

  • Property damage and injuries caused by the products you sell.
  • Property damage and injuries caused by your business.
  • Employees who get injured or ill as a result of working for you.
  • Your financial losses if an unexpected event stops you trading.
  • Loss of, and accidental damage to, your stock and business equipment.
  • The costs of keeping your business going if you have an accident.

Why should I buy my insurance from you?

Glad you asked.

The simple answer is: we know what we’re doing. Professional insurance is all we do so we know what you need, even if you don’t.

We also know that buying insurance can be, well, a bit of a pain. So we make sure getting yours is quick and hassle-free.

We do all that while treating you like a human being, too. You won’t find a call centre here. Or a phone menu. And we’ve banned nonsense insurance jargon.

Anything else? Well, there’s the great stuff you get, such as 20% off everything at MOO.

Also, we’ll give you money each time you recommend us.

Plus, every insurance-related question you can think of is answered in our School of Risk, and you’ll get our quarterly risk advice email – ‘The Waggle’ – to help you avoid problems in the first place.

If you’re after a second opinion, have a look at our customers’ feedback. They’re the ones you should really listen to.

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