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Charity insurance

Protect your organisation with insurance for not-for-profits. Get reliable cover for your events, your people and your services - easily and quickly. Quote online in minutes or speak to a friendly adviser.

Protect your not-for-profit, the easy online way

We understand that insurance can be confusing. And that you don’t have time to waste.

So we’ve made things simple. We’ve thrown out the jargon and created an easy, online step-by-step journey that’ll quote you a price and let you buy a policy in minutes.

You’ll get the cover you need and nothing you don’t, with your documents delivered straight to your inbox. Plus, if you need advice, our friendly team are ready and waiting to help.

Never too small
We cover organisations of every size
Trusted protection
Our policies are specially for not-for-profits
No hidden costs
One price – no admin fees and interest-free payments
We take it personally
Our friendly experts are just a phone call away
Insurance for charities
Insurance for charities

Policies you can trust, whatever your charity’s size or shape.

  • Children’s charities
  • Cultural charities
  • Education charities
  • Environmental charities
  • Health charities
  • Neighbourhood charities
  • NGOs
  • Support service charities

and more...

Insurance for clubs
Insurance for clubs

Reliable cover for all kinds of clubs – sports, hobbies, social and many more.

  • Car clubs
  • Choirs
  • Dance groups
  • Gardening clubs
  • Social clubs
  • Sport clubs
  • Walking clubs
  • Youth clubs

and more...

Insurance for community groups
Insurance for community groups

Peace-of-mind protection for all kinds of community groups.

  • Coffee mornings
  • Community action groups
  • Community associations
  • Craft groups
  • Friends of groups
  • Fundraising groups
  • Support groups
  • Theatre groups

and more...

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Free award-winning online training

Every policy comes with a free subscription to Flick's fully accredited interactive courses.

Learn at your own pace and brush up your skills in essential areas like health & safety, safeguarding, data protection and much more.

Take as many courses as you want and help keep your organisation in the know.

What insurance do I need?

Your not-for-profit badge won’t make you immune to claims, unfortunately. Just because you’re a club, charity or community group, and doing something positive, it won’t stop people from pointing a finger at you if things go wrong.

If there’s a claim, you’ll have to deal with it whatever, and that takes time, know-how and money... any of which might be in short supply.

Luckily, the right insurance takes care of all three by providing legal expertise and covering costs and any compensation – leaving you free to concentrate on the important stuff, like running your organisation.

Public liability insurance

Covers you if an event is more eventful than planned, and someone gets hurt or their property is damaged. Deals with claims arising from trips, slips, falls, spills and other mishaps. Also covers you if a visitor comes a cropper on your premises, or a volunteer accidentally damages someone else’s.

Employers’ liability insurance

Protects your staff and volunteers if they’re somehow harmed in the course of what they do for you, or their property’s damaged. The Health & Safety Executive says it’s your responsibility to protect your employees or volunteers, which makes employers’ liability a legal necessity. Without it, you can be fined.

Trustees’ insurance

Offers essential security for your trustees and officers, who bear legal responsibility for your organisation’s activities (and may not even realise they do). If there’s a claim of wrongdoing, they can be held financially liable. Trustees’ insurance pays for expert legal representation and covers civil fines and compensation.

Cyber and data insurance

Has your back if hackers lock down your computers or steal your members’ and supporters’ personal data. Provides expert technical help to stop a cyber-attack and get your network and website back up and running. Also covers claims relating to theft of personal data and handles investigations by the regulator.

What our customers say...

Everything was very clear and easy to follow.
26 March 2020
I spoke briefly to a lovely assistant and told her what I needed. Within the hour she had contacted me with a policy that suited our group perfectly. No fuss no hassle and a great price.
9 March 2020
The service and the price, plus content was excellent. Thanks
8 March 2020

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We know time and resources can be tight. And that it’s not always easy to find the answers you need.

That’s why we’ve created our Help Hub, to guide you to the best online info out there on fundraising, good governance, health & safety, data handling and more.

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