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Charity Insurance

Time and resources can be tight when you're running a not-for-profit. So, here's where we help out with advice on protecting your organisation.

Plus, there's guidance on risk management, rules and regs – and lots more useful stuff besides.

Small charities making a Big Impact

Small charities outdo their size massively in the difference they make. Meet five award-winning small charities making a big impact in all sorts of ways.

Celebrating the unsung heroes of the charity sector

Small charities make up 82% of the UK charity sector. Here's how Small Charity Week helps connect them with useful resources and celebrates their work.

Are small charities sleepwalking into a governance and risk management crisis?

Could hard-pressed small charities be sleepwalking into a risk management and governance crisis? Read what our UK-wide survey revealed.

Cyber security for small charities: new guide to staying safe

Find out why GCHQ thinks small charities are a prime target for cybercriminals and discover what you can do to prevent a cyber-attack. Learn how cyber insurance can provide vital back-up to protect your charity.

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Do charities need professional indemnity insurance?

Should charities worry about being sued? Yes. And no. It depends. Find out why your charity might need insurance for someone taking legal action against it.

Research reveals the UK loves a small charity

Our research shows the UK loves a small charity. Local community groups are also valued and plenty of people want to get involved. This infographic explains

Trustees’ insurance: why you need it

Running a charity? For the sake of your bank balance, getting trustees' insurance should be the first thing on your to-do list. Here's why

Why charities need employers’ liability insurance

If your small charity has staff, volunteers, or both, find out why employers' liability insurance is essential. Essential if you want to avoid fines, anyway

Why do charities need public liability insurance?

If you're a charity that holds the odd event, you can't afford to go without public liability insurance for charities. Here's why you need it.

What charities’ insurance should you get?

Wondering why it's important to get the right charities' insurance? Here's all you need to know.

Charities’ and trustees’ insurance

Do you need charities' and trustees' insurance? Considering you could be personally liable if you're accused of doing something wrong, we'd say yes.