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Employers’ Liability Insurance

Find out who needs employers' liability insurance, what is does, and how you can be fined by the Health & Safety Executive for not having it.

Also get a heads up on why it's important to cover your volunteers and work experience people too.

Employers’ liability insurance guide

Employers' liability insurance protects you if employees claim for injuries and illnesses they suffer at work. Get it of get a fine from HSE.

What insurance do IT contractors need?

You may be careful, but things can go wrong. IT contractors insurance requirements include professional indemnity, public liability and employers' liability

Insurance for videographers

You can disaster-proof your set, or try to protect your equipment from damage, but insurance for videographers is essential in case the worst should happen.

A guide to insurance for photographers

Our know-it-all's guide to insurance for photographers explains what you need, from covering your equipment to protecting yourself when shooting on location.

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Insurance for interior designers

How does insurance for interior designers help? It's a guiding hand, an arm around the shoulder and a risk expert with really deep pockets (just in case).

How does an insurance broker help with claims?

Wondering why you should use an insurance broker? You'll find out when you claim. Here's why they're the difference between getting a claim paid and not.

Do sole traders need employers’ liability insurance?

Do sole traders need employers' liability insurance? No. But also, maybe, yes. Not sure which one applies to you? Find out here.

5 business insurance FAQs we’ve been asked this week

We've tackled 5 troublesome professional insurance questions to put you in the know. Got any other business insurance FAQs? Just get in touch.

Do I need employers’ liability for freelancers?

Here's a business insurance question we get asked a lot: do I need employers' liability for freelancers? Here's the answer we tend to give: it depends...

Do I need insurance for work experience students?

The wellbeing of anyone who works for you, temporarily or otherwise, is your responsibility. Here's why you need insurance for work experience students.

Business insurance questions: how employees impact your insurance

We get loads of business insurance questions in our Live Chat. Here we answer your top queries about employees and how they affect your business' insurance.

More insurance speak for beginners

Yet further insurance jargon well and truly busted. Endorsement? Deductible? Indemnity? Enlightenment lies within.