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Public liability

Here's where we lift the lid on insurance and explain it all simply.

There's essential help with how best to protect your business or not-for-profit. Plus, useful advice on running your organisation and life as a freelancer.

Do photographers need insurance?

Our snappy guide to photographers' insurance explains what insurance photographers need and why.

Does my charity need public liability insurance?

Even if your charity only holds events every now and then, you can't afford to go without charity public liability insurance. Here's why.

UK cleaning industry statistics 2024

What's the cleaning industry worth? How many people work in it? Find the answers in our mop-up of UK cleaning industry statistics.

What insurance do contractors need?

What insurance do contractors need? It's a simple question but it might have you scratching your head. Our guide has all you need to know.

Do I need public liability insurance for a charity event?

Just one accident or mishap can derail your entire fundraiser. So how do you protect it? Here's how: charity event public liability insurance.

What insurance do I need to open a coffee shop?

Run a coffee shop, café, tea room, or anything in between? Our guide has everything you need to know about coffee shop insurance.

What insurance do self-employed tradesmen need?

What are the nuts and bolts of insurance for self-employed tradesmen? Who needs it, and what does it cover? Find out.

Public liability insurance for the self-employed

Public liability insurance matters when you're self-employed. It pays to fix damage to people or property caused by you - wherever you are.

Do I need public liability insurance?

Do you know what public liability insurance is? Do you know if your business needs it? Find out what it does and how it works...

Do Instagram sellers need insurance?

Selling products on Instagram? A little social media-savvy backed up by Instagram sellers' insurance can help your business go a long way.

What does public liability insurance cover?

What's public liability? What does public liability insurance cover? Which businesses need it? Find out the answers to these and other questions here.

Insurance advice and risk tips for teachers

Here's some grade-A insurance advice for teachers. And some handy tips on minimising the risks of a claim.