We thought you might like to put some faces to names. At least then you can be sure you're dealing with a human being*.

Our account executives have over 40 years' experience between them. What they don't know about professional insurance isn't worth knowing.

They each have a specific area of expertise, too. It means you get easy access to an expert who understands what you do, and who can tell you how best to avoid the risks associated with it. Handy, eh?

* As far as we know.

Picture of Kerri-ann Hockley

Kerri-Ann Hockley

Head of Customer Service

Direct line: 0345 222 5364
Email: kerri-ann@policybee.co.uk

As my title suggests I'm responsible for all things 'service'. That means keeping an eye on everything from complaints to claims.

I'm also a member of the compliance team (it isn't as boring as it sounds, honestly) and I spend a great deal of my time keeping the account executives in line.

Outside of work I enjoy the odd bit of shopping, watching football and socialising with friends. Nothing can top spending time with my two girls and my little boy though.

Picture of Jane Aldous

Jane Aldous Cert CII

Customer Service and Claims Team Leader

Direct line: 0345 222 5372
Email: jane@policybee.co.uk

I've been dealing with insurance of all shapes and sizes since 1986. Professional indemnity insurance has been the big one for the last fourteen years and brings me to where I am now – customer service and claims team leader at PolicyBee.

I specialise in looking at claims and working out how we can minimise the stress involved for our clients; it's very important to me that our customers feel well looked after.

Additional occupations include mum, wife and children's taxi driver. I always try to squeeze in those all-important nights out with friends and the occasional pampering day too!

Picture of Sarah Adams

Sarah Adams

Senior Account Executive

Direct line: 0345 222 5376
Email: sarah@policybee.co.uk

I've been in insurance since I left college in 2002. I've spent the last seven at PolicyBee. It's been an eye-opener.

After moving back to the UK from Australia, I wanted a new challenge. Professional insurance was it.

When I'm not at work I love travelling and shopping (sometimes rather nicely combining the two) and, if I'm not doing either of those things, you can usually find me at the gym.

Picture of Laura Alcock

Laura Alcock

Account Executive

Direct line: 0345 222 5394
Email: laura@policybee.co.uk

Although I'm relatively new to PolicyBee (I joined mid 2013), I have almost ten years' insurance experience. Lucky me.

At work, I'm very organised and thorough; my ability to prioritise effectively is one of my greatest skills. No stone left unturned and all that.

I absolutely love holidays away in the sunshine – I'm not quite so chirpy in the winter months! In my free time I enjoy sharing good food and drink with my friends and family, as well as planning my next adventure.

Picture of Yasin Akdemir

Yasin Akdemir

Account Executive

Direct line: 0345 222 5398
Email: yasin@policybee.co.uk

I’m very new to PolicyBee: I joined in April 2015. Before that, I spent two years on an electrical installation course, and three years selling home insurance. I like to keep things varied.

At work, I love feeling that I've helped someone. Insurance can be difficult to understand, so it makes me proud when I can make someone else's life easier. I like to think I'm a good team member, but fully accept I'm the worst tea maker.

Outside work (and inside work, if I'm honest) I am a dedicated Arsenal supporter. My favourite way to spend a weekend is chilling out with friends, watching or playing football.

Picture of Lisa Carr

Lisa Carr

Account Executive

Direct line: 0345 222 5375
Email: lisa@policybee.co.uk

I joined PolicyBee in April 2015, so I guess I'm still relatively new. I've worked in insurance for the last ten years though, so have gained a lot of skills and experience along the way.

At work, I'm dedicated to providing the best possible service to our customers. There's nothing better than receiving positive feedback from a customer I've helped.

Outside work, life can be crazy as I have two young daughters to run around after! Having said that, I can always make time to socialise, and, if I'm really lucky, enjoy a day of shopping or a relaxing spa retreat!

Picture of Hannah Tonge

Hannah Tonge

Account Executive

Direct line: 0345 222 5365
Email: hannah@policybee.co.uk

I’ve been working for PolicyBee for around seven years. It's fair to say that PolicyBee isn't like the other insurance companies I've worked for.

My area of expertise is renewals; I take pride in being helpful and informative as well as paying close attention to detail. Some of those policy wordings are pretty tricky.

When I'm not working, you can usually find me at the stables, looking after my horse, Blue. However, when bad weather forces me indoors, I'm equally happy sat by a fire, enjoying a pub lunch or cosy night in with my family and friends.

Picture of Nina Burns

Nina Burns

Assistant Account Executive

Direct line: 0345 222 5375
Email: nina@policybee.co.uk

After looking around for a career change and a new professional challenge, I joined PolicyBee in early 2013. My role involves looking after our existing clients and answering their queries.

Insurance can be a bit of a mystery so I'm keen to make sure that our customers get advice that's friendly as well as helpful.

In my free time, I love weight training and keeping fit. My perfect weekend would be spent cycling around a local forest, preferably stopping off somewhere nice for breakfast!

Picture of Laura Wagstaff

Laura Wagstaff

Financial Assistant

Direct line: 0345 222 5374
Email: laura.wagstaff@policybee.co.uk

I’ve been at PolicyBee for the last eight years – I’m starting to feel like part of the furniture. I handle the finance team’s admin work – making sure the right people are paid the right amount, on time. I’m always keen to improve my skills, so I’m studying for my AAT Diploma in Accounting.

Picture of Nick Green

Nick Green

Head of Content

Direct line: 0345 222 5378
Email: nick.green@policybee.co.uk

It's probably a bit pretentious to kick off with an Einstein quote but – what the heck – here it comes: "If you can’t explain it to an eleven-year-old, you don’t understand it."

I like it because it sums up what we’re about. It’s our job to make complicated insurance less so. Or rather, it’s my job.

Turning insurance newbies into insurance know-it-alls. That’s what I’m about. And really, that’s the easy bit. With two daughters, a high-maintenance cat, a misguided guitar-playing habit and an ill-advised boat to look after, the real work starts when I leave the office. Wish me luck.

Picture of Vicky Pont

Vicky Pont

Marketing Co-ordinator

Direct line: 0345 222 5378
Email: vicky.pont@policybee.co.uk

I've been with PolicyBee since day dot. I've worked in marketing since graduating from university almost 10 years ago. I think I'm starting to get the wrinkles to prove it. From working at a local college, to a turf farm (yes, I know a lot about grass), to rearing free range turkeys at Christmas, I've become quite a wise old owl.

What I love about the marketing team at PolicyBee is we always aim to delight. Our customers come first, and that is most important to us. We do this by pushing boundaries, keeping ahead of the game with technology and drinking lots of tea! Transparency and integrity are important to me and I try to make sure this shows through our communication.

My time away from my desk I'm usually found tweeting about my little baby girl, Facebooking my cat or rescuing chickens. (Check out http://www.bhwt.org.uk). I also like to *experiment* with baking, much to the dismay of my team and I'm rather partial to an afternoon tea.

Picture of Zoe Darrah

Zoe Darrah

Marketing Executive

Direct line: 0345 222 5378
Email: zoe.darrah@policybee.co.uk

I joined PolicyBee early 2013 after completing my masters in brand leadership. Although insurance is a far cry from my hospitality and events background, I thoroughly enjoy the insurance world. After a quick introduction to PolicyBee, I now look after most things marketing alongside Vicky. My role is incredibly varied; I enjoy looking after our social media networks and building relationships with customers and partners.

I love branding and try to make sure that our company personality can be seen in everything we do. My key skills are my organisation and my ability to multi-task; I strive to always sort things out quickly and efficiently and to always leave the customer or partner happy.

In my free time, I love to explore anything and everything, visit national trust parks and heritage sites with friends and family; I also like to treat myself with afternoon tea or a spa day every now and again. And it’s even better if I can get away somewhere with no phone signal, then I’m not tempted to check my emails or social media!

Picture of Mark Pitcher

Mark Pitcher

Head of E-commerce

Direct line: 0345 222 5368
Email: mark.pitcher@policybee.co.uk

I first came to PolicyBee as an intern during a placement year for my degree. They liked me enough to offer me a job at the end of it and I've worked my way up from admin assistant to where I am now. My area of expertise is IT, particularly developing the e-commerce side of things as well as analytics and marketing.

At work, I like to approach things creatively and find new ways to help make our service the best it can be.

When I'm not at work, I enjoy spending time with my wife and kids, as well as cycling and watching football. Apart from my family, my other pride and joy is my fish tank; keeping my fish happy is a bit like having a second job.

Picture of David Pitt

David Pitt

Head of IT

Direct line: 0345 222 5367
Email: david.pitt@policybee.co.uk

My story began when I was a young IT freelancer. I was commissioned on a small contract for a broker that was eventually to become PolicyBee. It snowballed and after six months of contracting, I was offered a permanent position. And here I still am 14 years later, via a few other companies.

My fascination with technology has only grown, and the obsessive-must-fix-this late nights have also stuck around.

Away from the office, I'm a reading sportsman. Right now, that means I cycle. A lot. And I'm currently reading anything I can find from typography to classics, or e-crime to inspiring sports personalities.

Picture of Iain Hatfield

Iain Hatfield


Direct line: 0345 222 5360
Email: iain.hatfield@policybee.co.uk

I've been working in professional insurance for about twenty years now, although PolicyBee is much younger.

When I first came to insurance, there were very few options available for freelancers and creative professionals. Larger insurance brokers weren’t interested in their smaller premiums and it seemed that not many people knew much about professional indemnity insurance. It seemed ridiculous to me, so I set up a broker to fill the gap, doing away with confusing insurance jargon at the same time.

I believe that a happy team provides the best customer service and I'm committed to making sure that's what PolicyBee’s about. I think our distinct personality really helps us stand out from the many other companies offering professional insurance.

Before I came to insurance I worked as a helicopter instructor and I still fly as much as I can in my free time. When I’m on the ground, my interests include my horse, Whistle Jacket. He's a dressage horse and has competed at national level (not ridden by me, I hasten to add).

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PolicyBee gave me an unbeatable quote online. The process was so easy and I was insured within minutes.
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