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Insurance for massage therapists

A claim could cause you serious aches and pains. And put financial strain on your business. Protect yourself with massage therapist insurance.

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Treatment and public liability
from £6.53 a month

This all-in-one cover for massage therapists includes:

Malpractice – for physical or mental injury, illness or death of clients caused by your negligence or error.
Public liability – for physical damage and injuries caused by your business or the products you supply.

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Studio cover
£3.27 a month
£5,000 to replace business equipment
Based on an annual income of up to £25,000. All prices include IPT at 12%. Quote online for turnovers up to £500,000, or call and talk to an expert.
Keep calm and relax

You might be an expert at relieving other people’s stresses and strains.

But who’s there to soothe away your tension when a client is unhappy?

Not all therapy sessions will have the healing effects you’d hoped for.

If a client claims they’ve been injured or become ill because of therapy provided by you, or one of your employees, a compensation claim could be coming your way.

And if it does, you’ll need some financial and legal muscle to help you deal with the fall out. That’s exactly what insurance provides.

You might be used to taking a hands-on approach, but trust us, it’s best to sit back on this one. Our insurance experts will deal with any claims, leaving you to run your business.

Who needs massage therapist insurance?

If you’re a therapist or business providing any of the below massage treatments, you should have massage therapist insurance. You’ll need to hold a professional qualification from a recognised training body to be covered.

  • Sports massage
  • Baby massage
  • Pregnancy massage
  • Swedish massage
  • Thai massage
  • Hot stone massage
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Aromatherapy massage
  • Indian head massage

…and many more (this isn’t an exhaustive list).

It’s worth noting that any manipulative therapies such as osteopathy and chiropractic manipulation can’t be covered by this type of insurance.

It makes no difference whether you’re seeing clients on your own premises, visiting their homes, or working out of a rented space. The risk of a claim is the same.

Insurance offers peace of mind for potential clients. And peace of mind for you. Because despite your best efforts, you have the potential to harm rather than heal.

What types of insurance do massage therapists need?

As a bare minimum, we’d suggest getting treatment and public liability insurance. This combined insurance protects you against claims of malpractice (bodily injury, illness or death) and accidental damage or injury.

Rely on more than your healing hands? Any specialist equipment, such as massage tables, oils or hot stones might be essential to your business. Studio insurance and portable equipment insurance will pay to repair or replace anything that’s damaged, stolen or lost, whether you’re in a permanent place or always on the go.

If you employ anyone, be it full time, part time, or even freelance, you’re legally obliged to hold employers’ liability insurance. You could face a hefty government fine if you don’t. It’ll cover you if an employee claims they were made ill or were injured because of working for you.

What does massage therapist insurance cover me for?

Treatment and public liability insurance covers you for two types of claims.

If you make a mistake during a therapy session, and the client becomes ill or injured as a result, you could be faced with a claim. An expensive one. Your treatment and liability insurance will cover your legal costs and any compensation due.

Treatment and public liability also covers you for accidents and mishaps. Because accidents happen, it’s a fact. Perhaps you knock over that very expensive-looking sculpture in your client’s home (turns out it’s REALLY expensive). Or maybe a client misses the step on their way into your therapy room and takes a nasty tumble. These little accidents can cost you big money.

Studio insurance pays out if your equipment is stolen or damaged. Say a burst pipe means all your equipment suffers water damage. Your electric massage table, your hot stone heaters – the lot. Without your equipment, you can’t work. Luckily, studio insurance pays to repair or replace everything.

How much does massage therapists’ insurance cost?

It all depends on the level of cover you want. Insurance is there to protect you and your business. So it’s always best to prepare for the worst-case scenario. Naturally, the larger the amount of cover, the more you pay for your premium.

The price can also go up if you do any work outside the UK, have multiple business locations, more employees, or want to backdate your cover for previous work. To name a few.

There are lots of things that are out of your control and that’s why insurance is such a great weapon to have in your arsenal.

Say a client has an allergic reaction to a new oil you’ve used. Or claims their sciatica has got worse, not better. Even the best massage therapists can find themselves in a hole.

Legal defence can cost £tens of thousands. Compensation costs can be even more. So not having enough cover will leave you feeling a little less zen if a claim rolls in.

Why should I buy insurance from you?

We might not be able to cure a chronic backache. Or heal a repetitive strain injury. No, we’ll leave that stuff to you.

But we do know more than a thing or two about small business insurance. That’s our bag.

We’re totally swotted-up on all things insurance and can offer you jargon-free, expert advice.

You can buy online using our quick and painless online quote system. Or if you’d prefer to talk it through, call one of our advisors. No call centres. No phone menus. Just real people, in a real office, with expert knowledge.

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