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Asset management

From staplers to servers – it’s all essential and it all costs money.

Problem is, replacing lost or damaged business equipment takes even more money. And time. Worse, if you can’t work, you’ll find your clients’ patience runs out with their deadlines.

Office insurance and business insurance protects your investments and keeps you working when the odds are stacked against you.

So, losing a laptop needn’t mean losing business.

General contents

This covers fixtures, fittings, and non-technical business equipment (not personal stuff) in your office such as chairs, desks, books, plants, art etc.

If disaster strikes, it’s not just the big, expensive things you’ll have to replace.

Desks and chairs are obvious enough but what about the details? A notepad here, a kettle there – it all adds up.

An ’all risks’ policy like this one means everything’s covered for physical damage (accidental or malicious) and other losses like fire, theft and flood. Even if it’s temporarily away from your office.

And if you’re responsible for things that aren’t actually owned by you (you’ve hired or borrowed them, for example), they’re covered too.

What’s more, this policy doesn’t ask you to prove there’s been a break-in following a theft. Light-fingered visitors might cause heartache and inconvenience, but at least your insurance won’t make it worse.


This covers all fixed electronic business (not personal) equipment in your office such as PCs, printers, servers, software and phones.

Few businesses these days can survive without relying on at least some technology.

A world without email, spreadsheets, and the internet is a pretty lonely and labour-intensive place. It makes sense to protect your equipment and the advantage it gives you.

Thankfully, this is another ’all risks’ policy. So your invaluable technology is covered for theft, accidental and malicious damage, loss, fire and flood.

And your equipment is covered even when you’re temporarily working at a client’s office, too.

Portable equipment

This covers the electronic and specialist business equipment you regularly take out and about such as laptops, digital cameras, mobile phones, tablets and projectors.

If you have a laptop or a smartphone you’re in the office. Even when you’re not.

Problem is, taking your cutting-edge, fingertip world out and about means it’s much more likely to get lost, dropped or stolen. And that could send you right back to the dark ages.

Anything electronic and portable for business use can be covered by this policy, anywhere in the EU or anywhere in the world. The cover is for accidental loss, accidental damage, malicious damage and theft.


This covers the building itself but it also includes cover for outbuildings and annexes and, if you lease your office, any improvements you make as a tenant.

Where you work is pretty fundamental to your business. Ironically, because you’re there every day, it’s easy to take it for granted and forget it needs protection too.

As you’d expect, this policy covers the cost of repairing damage to (or rebuilding) your office caused by fire, flood and accidents. What you might not be expecting is that things like gates, fences, private roads, paths, pipes and cables are covered too.

And in the event of, say, water damage from a burst pipe it covers the reasonable costs you’d incur taking the office apart trying to find it.

Legal expenses

This covers the cost of defending your company’s legal rights in commercial disputes.

Running a business is complicated and potentially onerous. The huge amount of legislation in the UK and Europe means there are numerous legal pitfalls waiting for the unprepared.

In our experience, tax, property and employment issues prove to be the three most common causes of complaints and disputes.

It’s unlikely you’ll have your own in-house legal department so the next best thing is a commercial legal expenses insurance policy.

In the case of an unexpected dispute it will provide invaluable cover for your legal costs and other expenses. In addition, you get access to a 24 hour legal helpline for advice on commercial law and business matters.

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