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Immigration advisers’ insurance

Even small mistakes cause big problems. Protect your work, your reputation and your bank balance with professional insurance for professional people.

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Professional indemnity
from £10.21 a month for £100,000 cover

Professional indemnity insurance defends you against claims of negligence, breach of confidentiality, dishonesty, libel and slander. We offer up to £10,000,000 cover.

add Public liability
£4.20 a month
£1,000,000 for physical damage and injuries caused by your business
add Legal expenses
£4.67 a month
£100,000 for commercial legal disputes and debt recovery
Based on an annual income of up to £25,000. All prices include IPT at 12%. Quote online for turnovers up to £2,000,000, or call and talk to an expert.
Leave risk behind

Relocating to another country means dealing with a minefield of paperwork and legislation. Good job you’re around to help and advise, then. If things don’t go well, however, an allegation of negligence won’t go away.

Immigration consultants’ professional indemnity insurance helps protect your business and your reputation. No more risky moves.

Why do immigration consultants need professional indemnity insurance?

You can’t be an immigration consultant without being a member of the OISC. And you can’t be a member of the OISC without having professional indemnity insurance. So that’s decision made.

Apart from that, it’s sound risk management.

You’re conscientious and diligent, of course, but mistakes do happen. And, rightly or wrongly, your clients can accuse you of doing something (or not doing something) that’s cost them money. Whether you like it or not, you’ll have to do something about it.

Immigration consultants’ insurance means you don’t have to worry about that. If something does go wrong your policy pays for your legal defence, compensates your client, and helps you keep doing business as usual.

How much professional indemnity insurance do I need?

The OISC says your professional indemnity insurance must be "current and adequate". Not a great deal of help.

But it also says this: "Please note the Commissioner recommends cover to be at least £250,000."

Bear in mind that’s the minimum level of cover you should have. Potentially, an actual claim against you could cost far more in legal costs and compensation payments. It might be best to play it safe and go for something like £1m instead.

Feel free to call us if you need help deciding.

What does professional indemnity insurance cover?

Negligence claims and allegations made against you by clients and third parties, because of mistakes you’ve made and things you’ve failed to do.

Specifically (but depending on the policy wording):

  • Defamation
  • Intellectual property infringement
  • Loss of documents or data
  • Negligent misrepresentation or misstatement
  • Employee dishonesty
  • Virus transmission
  • Breach of confidentiality
  • Failure of third-party equipment

But that’s not all. Some professional indemnity policies can fix a mistake before your client is even aware of it, thereby preventing a claim in the first place.

Clever stuff.

What else do I need?

Public liability insurance is for when you go out and about on business, or have visitors to your office. It’s for claims of physical damage to property and people. Useful if you’re clumsy.

Employers’ liability insurance covers your business if an employee sues it for damages. Claims are usually because they’ve suffered injuries and illnesses as a consequence of working for you. It’s a legal requirement for UK businesses with employees.

Office and property insurance covers the things in your office (furniture, plants, fixed IT equipment etc) and portable insurance covers gadgets and technical equipment away from the office (laptops, tablets, projectors etc). If you’re not sure it’s worth insuring, add it all up – it’s probably worth more than you think.

Business interruption insurance means you can still work when your office is out of action. Be it flood, fire or flea infestation, you’re covered for the costs of setting up elsewhere and for any lost revenue in that time.

Directors’ and officers’ insurance covers your company bosses. Anyone from regulators to shareholders to competitors can accuse you of not running a business with due care. Worse, directors are personally liable for their actions. The good thing is this insurance covers your defence costs and any compensation you have to pay. So you can put away your chequebook.

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I was struggling to find Professional Insurance in my area/ OISC Immigration but with recommendation of a friend it was straight forward with PolicyBee. Excellent and practical service.
Immigration consultant (OISC - Level 1)
22 June 2022
Easy quick service. can't complain
Immigration consultant (OISC - Level 1)
15 June 2022
Easy to use, good service
Immigration consultant (OISC - Level 3)
1 June 2022

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