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Why PolicyBee?

Like an insurance broker. But better.

Insurance companies. They’re all the same, right?

Unfriendly. Confusing. Quick to take your money and slow to pay claims.

Well, every rule has its exceptions. We know we can do insurance better.

Here’s why:

1. We know what we’re talking about

So, when it comes to business insurance, you will too. Ask us anything about protecting your business and you’ll get the answer you need. In the fight against risk our priceless advice, years of experience and insider knowledge gives you the upper hand.

2. Poke us, we’re real

Hands up if you like call centres. Anyone? Thought not. Call us and a real person answers a real phone in a real office. You get a direct line to someone you know and who knows you. And it’s first-name terms here too – professional needn’t mean stuffy.

3. Switched-on service

Busy? Good. Us too. Clever technology isn’t a big deal, but how you use it is. Ours makes life easy for both of us: a quick and accurate service for you, no more dusty brown files for us. As far as we’re concerned, paperless means effortless.

4. Au revoir, language barrier

Modern businesses use modern words. We’ve spent time decoding confusing insurance documents so they’re easy to read and understand. It’s important you know what you’re buying; now you don’t have to spend valuable time finding out.

5. Everything you need, nothing you don’t

Does an architect’s policy suit a training consultant? No. That’s why you won’t get one-size-fits-none insurance from us. Our cover is appropriate, specific, and designed for the risks your business faces. Phew.

Not convinced? You could try reading what others say about us. Our customers’ warts-and-all feedback is here.

For the PolicyBee background story, read our ‘About us’ page.

Or try before you buy and give us a call. Our number’s 0345 561 0320. We’d love to hear from you.

What our customers say...
Amazing easy to use website and was thrilled with the simplicity and ultimately the value for money for the service.
17 October 2021
The staff were exceptional and met all my needs
15 October 2021
Very polite and easy to understand
Charity/not-for-profit organisation
14 October 2021

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