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Pick a marketing consultants' insurance package (if your turnover's under £75,000) or build your own.

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Professional indemnity: £250k
Public liability: £1m
Employers' liability: £10m


10 monthly payments

Professional indemnity: £1m
Public liability: £1m
Employers' liability: £10m


10 monthly payments

Professional indemnity: £1m
Public & employers' liability
Office contents: £5k


10 monthly payments

Professional indemnity: £250k
Public liability: £1m
Employers' liability: £10m

10 monthly payments

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Cover for mock-ups (and muck-ups)

We all make mistakes. Problem is, they take time and money to fix. More so if they're in the public eye.

You probably already know that professional indemnity insurance protects you if things go wrong.

But did you know it can fix potentially expensive mistakes before your client spots them, too? Damage limitation in other words. Handy eh?

Why do marketing people need professional indemnity insurance?

Most companies are nothing without sales.

And sales are hard to get without marketing. It's a complicated, fast-moving business but sometimes it's a simple case of who shouts loudest.

Getting your clients heard isn't easy, but they're relying on you to make it happen. The problems start when their marketing spend goes up but the sales don't. We both know it's not always so simple, but try telling your client that and it sounds like an excuse. It's likely to lead to some serious questions, too.

If you haven't got good enough answers it won't be long before the accusations and allegations start. They're swiftly followed by the need for you to do something. When there's money involved, you'll find your clients are quick to point the finger.

A claim, justified or not, won't go away if you ignore it. Your reputation is a valuable asset but fighting your corner takes time away from your business and soaks up money you can't always spare.

So, you need professional indemnity insurance because you have a business to run; because you have limited funds; because you're not legally trained; and because your reputation matters.

What else is there?

How much professional indemnity insurance do I need?

Professional indemnity insurance protects your business. No one else's. And every business is different.

Be cautious of going by what's 'normal' for your industry. It'll help up to a point, but it won't take into account your individual circumstances. Things like who you work for, how much they're paying you and what you're doing for them all make a difference to the risk you face. For example, a large multinational has more to lose if an ad campaign you devise goes viral for all the wrong reasons than, say, a local business with a typo-blighted leaflet drop.

Start with the worst-case scenario amount of money you could be sued for. Then times it by ten. That's called your 'maximum probable loss' and your level of cover should be enough to cover it.

Looking for a shortcut? Just buy as much as you can possibly afford. You can never have too much. If you need more help, this guide will point you in the right direction.

What does professional indemnity insurance cover?

Negligence claims and allegations made against you by clients and third parties, because of mistakes you've made and things you've failed to do.

Specifically (but depending on the policy wording):

  • Defamation
  • Intellectual property infringement
  • Loss of documents or data
  • Negligent misrepresentation or misstatement
  • Employee dishonesty
  • Virus transmission
  • Breach of confidentiality
  • Failure of third-party equipment

But that's not all. Some professional indemnity policies can fix a mistake before your client is even aware of it, preventing a claim in the first place.

Clever stuff.

Do I need public liability insurance?

Do you visit clients? Or do clients visit you? Or both?

If you do, you should probably have marketing and media public liability insurance. It covers you against third-party claims of physical damage - to people or property - caused by you. Useful if you're clumsy.

What else do I need?

Employers' liability insurance covers your business if an employee sues it for damages. Claims are usually because they've suffered injuries and illnesses as a consequence of working for you. It's a legal requirement for UK businesses with employees.

Office and property insurance covers the things in your studio (furniture, plants, fixed IT equipment etc) and portable insurance covers gadgets and technical equipment away from the studio (laptops, tablets, projectors etc). If you're not sure it's worth insuring, add it all up - it's probably worth more than you think.

Business interruption insurance means you can still work when your studio's out of action. Be it flood, fire or flea infestation, you're covered for the costs of setting up elsewhere and for any lost revenue in that time.

Directors' and officers' insurance covers your company bosses. Anyone from regulators to shareholders to competitors can accuse you of not running a business with due care. Worse, directors are personally liable for their actions. The good thing is this insurance covers your defence costs and any compensation you have to pay. So you can put away your chequebook.

Why should I buy my insurance from you?

Glad you asked.

The simple answer is: we know what we're doing. Professional insurance is all we do so we know what you need, even if you don't.

We also know that buying insurance can be, well, a bit of a pain. So we make sure getting yours is quick and hassle-free.

We do all that while treating you like a human being, too. You won't find a call centre here. Or a phone menu. And we've banned nonsense insurance jargon.

Anything else? Well, there's the great stuff you get, such as 20% off everything at MOO. We have an 'I'm insured!' badge for your website too - perfect for the professional professional.

Also, we'll give you money each time you recommend us.

Plus, every insurance-related question you can think of is answered in our School of Risk, and you'll get our quarterly risk advice email - 'The Waggle' - to help you avoid problems in the first place.

If you're after a second opinion, have a look at our customers' feedback. They're the ones you should really listen to.

Risk tips for marketing consultants
School of Risk for marketing consultants

Brand new concepts, same old problems

Businesses today have nowhere to hide. Like it or not, customers talk like never before and, thanks to the wonder of the internet, their voices can be heard all over the world.


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