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Small business health insurance

Equipsme health and wellbeing plans offer 24-hour GP access, physio, health checks, diagnosis, treatment, dental, stress support and more.

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Self-employed health insurance

For sole traders. Choose Solo or Solo Plus – both plans include 24/7 GP access, diagnosis, stress support, health checks, physio sessions, consultations and tests, prescription deliveries and more.

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Small business health insurance

For businesses with two or more people. Choose between four plans – all include 24/7 GP access, health checks, nurse helpline, physio sessions, prescription deliveries and more. Add stress support, dental, optical, and diagnosis and treatment cover too.

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Health insurance and more

A company health and wellbeing plan is more than just private medical insurance. Looking after yourself and your people means thinking about both prevention and cure. A workforce crippled by stress costs your business as much as one crippled by flu.

Why does my business need a healthcare plan?

The health and wellbeing of your people has a price. Investors in People estimate the total annual cost of mental ill health to UK employers is somewhere around £26bn (roughly £1,035 per employee). Include the fallout from typical office-worker ailments, such as RSI, and it’s another £14bn.

Clearly there are quantifiable costs from reduced performance leading to reduced revenue, and it’s no surprise that recruitment and training aren’t cheap. But there’s a ‘reduced value’ factor here too – consider losing the knowledge and reliability of an experienced manager, and having to deal with the broken interpersonal networks and collaborative working gaps they leave behind too.

And, if you do need new recruits, attracting the best means benefits. Career-minded people like to know you’re as invested in them as they are in you, and what you offer matters. Given that private medical insurance usually comes out near the top in most ‘what employees want’ benefits surveys, you can’t afford to ignore it.

Who are these plans for?

For self-employed people aged 16-59, and businesses of any size with employees 16-69 years old.

Is it the same as health insurance?

No, not really. It’s more than that. Health insurance pays the medical bills after the event but it doesn’t do anything to prevent the event happening in the first place.

There’s an element of health insurance in the plan, of course. AXA PPP healthcare covers physio, diagnosis and hospital treatment.

But there’s 24-hour GP access and prescription services from Medical Solutions, health checks from Thriva and stress support from Health Assured too.

These plans are about flexible, straightforward, comprehensive health and wellbeing support for all. They protect your people and your business in a way plain-old health insurance can’t.

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