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Insurance for dance schools and studios

Even small mistakes cause big problems. Protect your work, your reputation and your bank balance with professional insurance for professional people.

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Essential package
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This all-in-one cover for dance schools and studios includes:

Public liability: for property damage and bodily injury caused by your business.

Property: for your studio contents including AV equipment, plus hired-in kit and props.

Employers’ liability: for your staff and volunteers.

Money: for your receipts, including fees and box office sales.

Based on an annual income of up to £150,000. All prices include IPT at 12%.
Cover for trip-ups and slip-ups

You can't always stage-manage everything to perfection. And sometimes things happen that mean the class or the show can't go on.

A bad injury to a dancer here and a broken borrowed prop there can mean claims for compensation - plus a big hit to your business' financial performance.

Our insurance package for dance schools and groups is specially choreographed to cover the things you do, the risks you face and the equipment you use - not just when you're teaching, but when it's show-time too.

It's insurance that can-can rather than can't-can't.

Why do dance schools and studios need insurance?

Because, as with even the best-practised dance routines, things can go wrong – either in class or on stage.

If someone misses a step, there's always next time to get it right. But if they or anyone else falls down some badly-lit steps in your studio and breaks an ankle, a claim for damages might follow.

The same goes if you permanently silence a performance venue's expensive AV system by spilling water over it. Or props borrowed for a production get broken or damaged.

Professional insurance provides essential help in tricky situations without making a song and dance about it. It pays for legal expertise, costs and compensation, and leaves you free to focus on perfecting your pupils' technique instead.

What cover does this package include?

All the essentials you need to protect your dance school or studio, and to place it on a surer footing:

Public liability picks up the tab for legal costs and compensation if someone gets hurt in your studio or their belongings are damaged. That includes your audience during performances, too.

Employers' liability protects your staff and your volunteers, for example parents who help out with shows. It means if they're injured in the process, any claims for compensation are covered.

Property insurance ensures the equipment you use in your studio, like audio-visual kit, laptops and props, is repaired or replaced old-for-new if it goes missing or gets damaged.

Money covers income from fees and box office receipts if it goes walkabout. Also money from show merchandise like programmes, costumes and DVD sales.

What else do I need?

How much risk your business takes is up to you. But if you want to go for maximum security, these bolt-on covers offer added protection.

To deal with claims your teaching methods caused harm, you need professional indemnity (PI). Say a pupil says you told them to bend or stretch too far, and they suffered a bad back injury. PI pays your legal costs and any compensation.

It's likely your business relies on just you or a few others. What happens if someone's permanently injured or worse? Personal accident pays a lump sum to tide you over, helps with recruitment costs for fill-in cover, and pays medical bills.

If your premises are out of action, perhaps because of fire or flood, you can't work and you can't earn. Increased cost of working pays to set you up temporarily elsewhere, while business interruption takes care of any lost revenue.

Why should I buy my insurance from you?

Simple, really. Because we're good at what we do and because this cover is designed especially for you.

Just like tap shoes aren't a good fit for a ballet class, general business insurance is out of step with dance schools and studios. That's why we've put together this package, to include all the cover you need, and nothing you don't - with optional add-ons.

Other reasons? You'll get speedy, reliable service, and if you ring us, you'll get straight through to a real human speaking plain English, not insurance jargon. We don't do call centres, and we don't do phone menus.

Plus, we throw in some great extras, like 20% off personalised stationery at MOO and an ‘I’m insured!’ badge for your website. We'll even give you money if you successfully recommend us.

Still need convincing? Then check out our customer feedback. We think it speaks for itself.

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