Digital risks insurance

Real security in a virtual world

It’s the 21st century and useful technology is everywhere.

If you can harness it for your own benefit then it’s a chance to level the business playing field. The internet has no limits. Or does it?

New technology comes with new risks. Cyberspace is full of harmful viruses and unscrupulous hackers, and both you and your clients need protection from the damage they cause.

Just the smallest, byte-sized chink in your armour is enough. Before you know it, your customers’ confidential data is in someone else’s hands. Or your system is so corrupt that you can’t do business.

What’s broken can be fixed – but that takes time and money. More so if your clients are asking awkward questions about when you’re going to finish their work.

E-risks insurance can help. It covers the cost of repairing your system or website and compensates irate clients or third parties. It’ll even pay for temporary equipment if you can’t use yours.

Business as usual then. And all without a helpdesk in sight.