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Hassle-free protection for freelancers, sole traders and limited companies – with priceless advice and award-winning service thrown in.

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Our clients aren't insurance experts. They don't need to be because they know we are. Us looking out for you means you'll spend less time doing insurance and more time doing business. Whether you whizz through online or talk it through with the team, you'll get everything you need and nothing you don't.

Small business insurance has never been so easy.

Insurance for charities, not-for-profits & community groups

Concentrate on your good cause and get the right cover for your organisation, whether you're large, small, grass-roots or anything in between. We help charities, clubs and community groups find the cover they need, including trustee insurance and public liability insurance.

PolicyBee exists because small business insurance could, and should, be better.

I started the UK's first quote-and-buy-online small business insurance broker in 1998. My own cover was complicated and time-consuming to sort and I figured there must be another way.

So, we've made your insurance easy to read and hassle-free to buy. Call us and you'll talk to bright, knowledgeable people who have your interests at heart. We'll be with you from helping you choose your cover right through to fighting your corner if you claim.

It's all part of doing insurance better. Join us and see how.

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What business insurance do you need?

Dealing with claims takes time, money and legal know-how. You might have enough of one but you'll need lots of all three if it's your unlucky day.

If things do go wrong, business insurance pays your legal costs, picks up your repair bills and covers any compensation. You're free to keep running your business, safe in the knowledge you'll still have one when it's all over.

Professional indemnity insurance

Covers you if you make a mistake or if an unhappy client says you've not done what was agreed – regardless of whether you're actually at fault. It pays for your legal defence, pays to fix whatever's wrong, and pays any compensation. Essential cover for your reputation (and your bank balance).

Public liability insurance

Covers you if someone – anyone – claims your business has injured a person or damaged their property. It pays to defend you and compensates the person claiming. Perfect protection against ‘where there's blame there's a claim'.

Employers' liability insurance

Covers allegations and claims made by staff that your business has made them ill or injured them. Legally, any UK business with employees has to have employers' liability insurance. ‘Employees' in this case includes volunteers, temps, work experience kids and even people lending a hand.

Cyber insurance

Covers the time and money needed to put your business back together following a cyber-attack. This includes the costs of repairing hardware and restoring data, compensating customers, and covering lost income when you're offline.