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Wedding photographers’ insurance

Protect your work, your gear and your reputation with essential insurance for professional wedding photographers.

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Essential cover for wedding photographers
from £18.35 a month

Photography equipment insurance pays to fix or replace your cameras, laptop, phone, lights, sound recording equipment etc. £5,000 cover from £5.44 a month.

Public liability insurance covers third-party property damage and injury caused by you or your business. It’s useful if you go out and about to meetings or events, or if people come and see you. £1,000,000 cover from £4.20 a month.

Professional indemnity insurance defends you against claims of negligence, breach of confidentiality, dishonesty, libel and slander. £100,000 cover from £7.08 a month.

Equipment breakdown insurance covers electrical or mechanical malfunction of equipment including data recovery. £5,000 cover from £1.63 a month.

add Legal expenses
£4.67 a month
£100,000 For commercial legal disputes and debt recovery
Based on an annual income of up to £25,000. All prices include IPT at 12%. Quote online for turnovers up to £10,000,000, or call and talk to an expert.
Trouble and strife

Make a mistake on your client’s special day and it won’t just be the bride who’s blushing.

If things go wrong, wedding photographers’ insurance helps smooth things over. With professional indemnity, public liability and equipment cover included, it’s a great match.

Ask yourself if you need it and there’s only one answer: I do.

Do wedding photographers have to have insurance?

No. But the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers strongly recommend you have it. It’s likely your clients expect you to have it, too.

The Health and Safety Executive says you have to have employers’ liability insurance if you have employees. Just be aware their definition of employees covers helpers, unpaid volunteers, temps, and those on work experience as well as ‘normal’, permanent, full-time and part-time staff.

What insurance do wedding photographers need?

The vast majority of wedding photographers’ claims are for damaged or lost equipment. That doesn’t sound too serious, but a broken lens doesn’t just cost money – it could cost business too. Insuring your bits and pieces means you’re not faced with a big bill, or a disappointed client.

Assuming you don’t have eyes in the back of your head, public liability insurance is a good idea. If you or something of yours damages a person or their property, you could be presented with the bill. Public liability insurance means your insurer pays it instead.

Professional indemnity insurance (PI) covers your work. Or more accurately, covers clients (and others) suing you because they’re not happy with your work. Allegations take time, money and legal know-how to fight. Having PI insurance means you don’t need any of these things.

How does professional indemnity insurance protect me?

Of course you’re conscientious and professional. But sometimes even the most professional professional makes a mistake. Or has a client accusing them of making a mistake. If you’re on the receiving end of a claim, your insurance pays to defend you and, if you’re liable, picks up the tab for compensation too.

It covers you, your business and your reputation.

What kind of problems are covered by professional indemnity insurance?

Weddings cost a small fortune. If your clients aren’t happy with your photos, who’s going to pay for a reshoot? What if your studio equipment fails and you can’t meet a print deadline? If the happy couple turn out not to be, and it’s your fault, your policy should cover it.

And it’s not just your clients who can cause problems. In the digital age, accusations of intellectual property infringement from third parties are common. Your insurance helps prove your great idea was your great idea.

What our customers say...
Really straight forward I hope all future business with them goes as smoothly. Appreciate the flexibility and the different coverage elements.
25 June 2022
I’m simply blown away by the price for our photography insurance . I was looking at renewing my insurance as my last insurance company hiked their prices ridiculously. PolicyBee is amazing very straight forward and a really great price.
18 May 2022
Brilliant! within minutes I was completely covered and now I feel safe for life. As a business owner with lots of expensive equipment and a job where anything could happen. Knowing I'm completely backed up is a bonus!
1 April 2022

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