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Are small charities sleepwalking into a governance and risk management crisis?

Could hard-pressed small charities be sleepwalking into a risk management and governance crisis? Read what our UK-wide survey revealed.

Go Solo: 5 tips from Ashtons Legal

Not getting the legal stuff in place when starting a business probably isn't a shortcut you should take. As part of Go Solo, Ashtons Legal explain why.

From graduate to freelancer part 4: Getting paid

Time for the fourth and final part of our 'Graduate to freelancer' series. Here are some tips to help graduate freelancers get paid on time. 

How to keep clients happy

A disgruntled client won't just sulk about not getting what they wanted. They have every right to take action against you. Legal action at that.

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Are you safe from Getty Images? (Part one)

If you’ve designed a website using Getty Images’ pictures, and they haven’t been paid for, you could be in trouble. Expensive trouble at that.

Why you need terms and conditions

It's good business practice to have terms and conditions. Why? They protect you and make you look good. What else is there?