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Professional indemnity insurance for engineers

Engineering risks are many and varied. Professional indemnity insurance for engineers protects your business and helps put it on a firm footing.

Go Solo: 5 tips from That’s Brave

What does a bonkers creative agency have to say about freelancing? Some surpriingly sober stuff, as it happens. Here's That's Brave on how to Go Solo.

Freelancers: 5 alternative ways to find work

Freelancing can be tough, especially when you don't know where your next job is. Try these 5 alternative ways of finding work from The Freelancer Club.

Claims-in-a-cartoon: the five-grand typo

Here's the story of how an innocent finger slip landed one agency with a bill for £5,000. And how their professional indemnity insurance saved the day.

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Your business story: Open to Create…

We love hearing the stories behind our customers' businesses. It helps us protect them better. Plus, we're nosy. Here's Anna, from Open To Create...

CDM 2015, principal designers, and PI insurance

CDM co-ordinator is no more. Step up, the principal designer. FIne in theory, but does it mean extra risk? And if so, what can you do about it?

Do you have a ‘second income’?

Do you have a taxable second income that you haven't declared to HMRC? You could do, and you may not even know about it. Here's what you need to know.

Intellectual property rights: what you need to know

Not all breaches of intellectual property rights are covered by professional indemnity insurance. Here's how to avoid a claim, and protect your own work.

Are you safe from Getty Images? (Part two)

This is what happens when Getty come knocking. There’s nothing like a real-life tale of woe to help focus the mind.

The story of a designer’s professional indemnity claim

One bad file. 5000 wrongly printed reports. A valuable client and £thousands at risk. Here's the true story of a designer's professional indemnity claim.