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Getty images

How the wrong image licence caught us out

Using someone else's images is a copyright and permission minefield. As we found out when using the wrong image licence gave us a short sharp shock...

How to use Getty Images for free

Finding high-quality, legal images to use on your blog can be difficult. Getty have solved that problem for you. Find out how to make the most of it.

How to use stock images safely

Blogger? Graphic designer? Web designer? Image user? Make sure you get the right licence or risk a hefty fine. Here's how to use stock images safely.

Are you safe from Getty Images? (Part three)

The dos and don'ts of dealing with a Getty Images licensing claim.

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Are you safe from Getty Images? (Part two)

This is what happens when Getty come knocking. There’s nothing like a real-life tale of woe to help focus the mind.

Are you safe from Getty Images? (Part one)

If you’ve designed a website using Getty's images, and they haven’t been paid for, you could be in expensive trouble. So, are you safe from Getty Images?