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Recruitment consultants: do you have the right cover?

Are you a recruitment consultant? Do you think you're covered for the work your placements do? Here's why you might want to think again.

What does negligence mean?

What exactly is ‘negligence’? What happens if someone accuses you of it? Knowing the answer to these is the first step to protecting your business.

Insurance for estate and letting agents

Being an estate or letting agent is fundamentally risky. When there’s thousands, perhaps millions of pounds swilling about you need your wits about you.

What’s an insurance excess?

An insurance excess is the amount you pay towards a claim. Usually, the higher your excess, the lower your premium (and vice versa). But not always ...

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Professional indemnity or public liability insurance?

What's the difference between professional indemnity and public liability insurance? Quite a lot, actually. Here's everything you need to know.

How to deal with late payment

Recent research by the FSB revealed that almost three-quarters of small firms were paid late last year. Not good enough is it? Here's how to deal with it.

Professional indemnity insurance for management consultants

We all know what can happen to best-laid plans. Here's how to make sure you're protected if the worst happens.