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Charities’ and trustees’ insurance

Do you need charities' and trustees' insurance? Considering you could be personally liable if you're accused of doing something wrong, we'd say yes.

Immigration consultants’ insurance: who’s right?

OISC members: when it comes to your professional indemnity insurance, it's the government vs your insurer. And you're caught in the middle.

What’s legal expenses insurance?

Legal expenses insurance is one of the most misunderstood types of insurance we do. Kerri, our head of sales explains it all.

What your insurance broker needs to know

What does your insurance broker need to know about your business? And why? Nina, one of our account executives, tells you all about it.

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Insurance for ICAS accountants

To join the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland you need ICAS insurance. Professional indemnity insurance to be precise. Here's the why and how.

First aid and employers’ liability insurance

You have employees. You have a first aider. You have employers' liability insurance. How do they fit together?

The difference between negligence only and civil liability

What's the difference between negligence only and civil liability professional indemnity insurance? More than you might think. Here's all you need to know.

Professional indemnity and public liability: what’s the difference?

Most small businesses need professional indemnity and public liability insurance. But do you know the difference between them?

Insurance for copywriters

The pen is mightier than the sword, right? Sure is. Until things go wrong and then insurance for copywriters is a much better bet.

Insurance speak for beginners

Professional insurance is littered with confusing terms. Here's an explanation of some of them.

What’s the difference between civil liability and negligence only?

We sell two types of professional indemnity insurance: full civil liability and negligence only. Great, but what do they mean? Which is right for you?

Red Tape Challenge: H&S inspections cut

As part of its Red Tape Challenge, the government has announced a cull of burdensome health and safety legislation. Thank goodness for that, right?