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directors’ and officers’ insurance

A guide to insurance for photographers

Our know-it-all's guide to insurance for photographers explains what you need, from covering your equipment to protecting yourself when shooting on location.

Insurance for facilities managers

What's next on your list of things to do? If it's not 'buy some insurance for facilities managers', maybe it should be. Here's why.

How to sue a company director

We dug around and found some cracking examples of actual claims against directors and their companies.

5 reasons you don’t need directors’ and officers’ insurance

We're not going to beat about the bush here. If you're a business owner or boss, you definitely don't need directors' and officers' insurance. Here's why:

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What’s employment practices liability insurance?

You can't please everyone all the time and sometimes that causes problems. Expensive, time-consuming, keep-you awake-at-night kind of problems.

Directors’ and officers’ insurance explained

Take a chance with your duty of care as a director and the law says you’re personally liable for the consequences. You have to pay. So what can you do?

Professional insurance Q&A

Business insurance. Where do you start? Or finish, come to that? Our guide will help you decide.

Your company’s Christmas party: what the law says

Dust off the dinner jacket and dry clean the little black dress: Christmas party season is here. But is it time to relax or time to fret?