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estate agents

Insurance for estate agents and letting agents explained

When there’s thousands, maybe millions of pounds swilling about, business can be risky. That's why you need insurance for estate agents and letting agents.

Cyber insurance for estate agents

How much would it cost a typical estate agency to deal with a cyber-attack? If this story's any guide, quite a lot. Good thing they had cyber insurance then

What legionella assessments mean for your professional indemnity insurance

Many estate & letting agents don't realise their professional indemnity doesn't cover them for doing a legionella assessment. Here's what you need to know.

Freelancing story – Judy Heminsley

To celebrate Massive Monday, we'll be sharing freelancers' stories on our blog. This one comes from Judy Heminsley, founder of Work From Home Wisdom.

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D&O insurance: why you need it

We dug around and found some cracking examples of actual claims against directors and their companies. Better hope these directors had D&O insurance.

How not to have your business insurance claim rejected

There’s nothing worse than stumping up for business cover only to have your insurance claim rejected. Here's why that might happen and how to avoid it.

Data protection – don’t get caught out

We all know that the Data Protection Act is a piece of legislation designed to protect individuals and their personal information in the UK. Or do we?