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run-off cover

RICS professional indemnity insurance

RICS surveyors have to have professional indemnity insurance. Here's the low-down on what you need, why you need it and what it does for you.

Putting your insurance on hold as an IT contractor

IT contractors taking a break from work, don't cancel your professional indemnity insurance. Stay protected. Put it on hold instead. Here's why:

What’s malpractice insurance and why is it different to professional indemnity & public liability?

Find out why you need medical or treatment malpractice insurance if you injure a client - and why professional indemnity and public liability can't help.

Why it pays for architects to have run-off cover

Architects and professionals working in construction who are no longer trading need run-off cover so their professional indemnity insurance stays in place.

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Professional indemnity insurance for CIMA accountants

Join CIMA and you'll need professional indemnity insurance. But that's just the start. There's more you need to think about, too. Here's the lowdown.

Insurance for ACCA accountants

Chartered accountants joining ACCA must have professional indemnity insurance to a specified minimum level of cover. And a lot more than that, too.

Insurance for ICAS accountants

To join the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland you need ICAS insurance. Professional indemnity insurance to be precise. Here's the why and how.

PI insurance is for life, not just for Christmas

Is short-term professional indemnity insurance a good idea? Possibly. But it could be a waste of money too. Here's why.

Insurance speak for beginners

Professional insurance is littered with confusing terms. Here's an explanation of some of them.

What’s run-off cover?

Do you need run-off cover if you've stopped trading? Professional indemnity insurance is a claims made policy. Here's what that means for you.

Why your insurance claim isn’t covered

There’s nothing worse than stumping up for insurance only to find your claim isn't covered. Here's why your insurer might keep their money.

Accountants’ professional indemnity insurance requirements

A minimum level of cover isn't the only accountants' professional indemnity insurance requirement. There are other boxes you need to tick too.