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What kinds of professional indemnity insurance claims are there?

Who needs professional indemnity insurance? Who doesn't, more like. Here are some examples of what can go wrong, and how much it costs.

Cyber insurance for recruitment agencies

What's the true cost of a cyber-attack on a recruitment agency? Here's how one consultant found out the hard way. And how her cyber insurance paid the bill.

From graduate to freelancer part 4: Getting paid

Time for the fourth and final part of our 'Graduate to freelancer' series. Here are some tips to help graduate freelancers get paid on time. 

From graduate to freelancer part 3: Attracting the right clients

Our guest blogger, Ben Parkinson, is back to talk about how to attract the right sort of clients: the ones who'll love your work, and pay promptly. 

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From graduate to freelancer part 2: Building your network

Graduate freelancers can't underestimate the importance of building a strong network. This guest post provides some valuable tips on doing just that. 

Graduate entrepreneur interview: the web designer

We spoke to graduate entrepreneur, Luke Boobyer, all about his decision to start his own business, LSB Web Design, after leaving university.

The difference between subcontractors and freelancers

Subcontractor or freelancer? Are they the same? Does it matter which you work with? It does if you want your claim paid. Here's why.

Customer Showcase: Linio Creative

Dave from Linio Creative talks to us about what it's like to set up and run a web design business.

Customer Showcase: Smooth Lines

Customer Showcase: Smooth Lines

Are you safe from Getty Images? (Part one)

If you’ve designed a website using Getty Images’ pictures, and they haven’t been paid for, you could be in trouble. Expensive trouble at that.

What does negligence mean?

What exactly is ‘negligence’? What happens if someone accuses you of it? Knowing the answer to these is the first step to protecting your business.

Insurance for web designers

Do web designers need insurance? The short answer is 'yes'. Find out what can go wrong, how insurance helps and how to stop it happening in the first place.