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Here's where we lift the lid on insurance and explain it all simply.

There's essential help with how best to protect your business or not-for-profit. Plus, useful advice on running your organisation and life as a freelancer.

What is cyber insurance and what does it cover?

What is cyber insurance? What does it cover? And how can it help protect your business from the damaging fallout of cybercrime? Find out...

Do you need a licence to give Botox injections?

Do you need a licence to give Botox injections or dermal fillers in the UK? Or might you in the future? Get the latest regulations updates.

Can anyone train to give Botox?

Anyone can train to give Botox injections in the UK. Although the level of risk involved makes good qualifications & experience a must.

Do I need insurance at a coworking space?

Using a coworking space is great for networking and saving money. But what insurance do you need when using them and why? Find out here.

Do I need employers’ liability insurance for work experience students?

The wellbeing of your workforce is your responsibility. Here's why you need employers' liability insurance for work experience students.

Do I need insurance for hired-in equipment?

Wondering if you need insurance for hired-in equipment? From photography kit to builders' tools, find everything you need to know here.

How to compare professional indemnity insurance

You can't compare professional indemnity insurance on price alone. You also need to look at cover, claims, and what kind of service you get.

Photography equipment insurance in focus

Having the right photography equipment insurance can stop the shutters unexpectedly coming down on your photography business. Here's how.

What type of insurance do architects need?

Find out what insurance architects need to stay on the right side of the law, and keep their reputation and finances as safe as houses.

Public liability insurance for the self-employed

Public liability insurance matters when you're self-employed. It pays to fix damage to people or property caused by you - wherever you are.

Does your business need stock insurance?

Does your business need stock insurance? Find out why it might be just what you need when a flood, fire, or theft strikes.

A guide to insuring your business gadgets, laptops, and phones

Business gadget insurance is perfect for protecting your gadgets, laptops, and phones. Our short guide tells you everything you need to know.