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UK charity and not-for-profit sector statistics 2024

How many charities are there in the UK? Where are they based? And what do they do? Find out with our latest UK charity statistics.

UK cleaning industry statistics 2024

What's the cleaning industry worth? How many people work in it? You'll find all the answers in our mop-up of UK cleaning industry statistics.

Aesthetics industry UK statistics 2023

Want to know more about the UK aesthetics industry? Here are some fascinating statistics to put you in the picture!

UK business insurance statistics

Want to know more about the UK business insurance landscape? Find interesting in-depth UK business insurance statistics and facts right here.

UK hair and beauty industry statistics 2023

Up-to-date figures and statistics about the UK hair, nail and beauty industry. The facts at your fingertips, all in one place...

Research reveals the UK loves a small charity

Our research shows the UK loves a small charity. Local community groups are also valued and plenty of people want to get involved. This infographic explains