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What’s retroactive cover?

Retroactive cover bolts on to your professional indemnity and picks up claims arising from work you did before the policy started. Clever stuff. Here's how.

Professional indemnity quotes: what to look out for

It’s tempting, but try not to go straight for the cheapest professional indemnity quotes. Cheap isn’t the same as good value. Here's what to consider first.

Surveyors’ insurance: what you need and why

A hard hat won't be enough to protect you from harm if there's a claim against you. Find out how surveyors' insurance can do the job instead.

Professional indemnity insurance for engineers

Engineering risks are many and varied. Professional indemnity insurance for engineers protects your business and helps put it on a firm footing.

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RICS professional indemnity insurance

RICS surveyors have to have professional indemnity insurance. Here's the low-down on what you need, why you need it and what it does for you.

Freelancing story – Judy Heminsley

To celebrate Massive Monday, we'll be sharing freelancers' stories on our blog. This one comes from Judy Heminsley, founder of Work From Home Wisdom.

Your business insurance queries answered

We’re here to help, so business insurance queries are right up our street. Here are the answers to 8 head-scratchers we’ve been asked recently by customers.

Customer showcase – R L Surveys Limited

Like all insurances we hope we never need to call on our PI policy but its there to give both ourselves and our clients peace of mind that should an error ever occur then there is some form of financial redress.