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Who needs cyber insurance?

Find out if your business needs cyber insurance. Spoiler alert: to be honest, your business probably does, no matter your size.

A guide to photography competitions

Are photography competitions worth it? You be the judge with our guide to what photography competitions there are and what you need to do to enter.

Photographers trade associations: are they worth it?

There are quite a number of trade associations for professional photographers - but are they worth joining?

Photographer Q&A: LaFemme Portrait

We talk to Sarah from boutique studio La Femme Portrait about the life of a professional photographer, and all the ups and downs that come with it

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How to protect your photos online

The internet makes it easy for photographers to share images but how do you protect your photos online? Copyright, backup, and some insurance won't hurt

Becoming a wedding photographer: the stats behind the snaps

The statistics behind the snaps. Find out what it takes to become a wedding photographer, from capturing the moment to taking care of business.

What to do if you can’t make the photo shoot

As a photographer, cancelling a photo shoot is never ideal but sometimes you've no choice. Here are 6 tips for a plan B if you have to cancel last minute.

The risks of drone photography

Aerial photography using unmanned drones is on the rise. And so are expensive, drone-related claims. Here's why your insurer might not cover you.

What is a photo release form?

Protecting your intellectual property is an essential part of every professional photographer's business. Photo release forms can help - here's our guide.

Wedding photography horror stories

Wedding photography is one of the most important parts of the big day. These horror stories are extreme, but show photographers must protect themselves.

Hints and tips for wedding photographers

As a professional wedding photographer, it's your job to capture the happy couple's special day. Here's our top tips to make sure all your big days go well

How to get rid of GAS in 7 steps

When buying equipment gets out of hand, you might have Gear Acquisition Syndrome. Here's 7 steps to get rid of GAS and put your photography first.