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Insurance for project managers

Why do project managers need professional insurance? Find out how it can help pay costs and damages when projects go pear-shaped.

Insurance for interior designers

How does insurance for interior designers help? It's a guiding hand, an arm around the shoulder and a risk expert with really deep pockets (just in case).

Insurance for facilities managers

What's next on your list of things to do? If it's not 'buy some insurance for facilities managers', maybe it should be. Here's why.

The difference between subcontractors and freelancers

Subcontractor or freelancer? Are they the same? Does it matter which you work with? It does if you want your claim paid. Here's why.

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Insurance for RIBA architects

RIBA require all their members to have professional indemnity insurance. We don't blame them: it's the best way to protect your architecture business.

Are you safe from Getty Images? (Part one)

If you’ve designed a website using Getty Images’ pictures, and they haven’t been paid for, you could be in trouble. Expensive trouble at that.

The risks of subcontracting your work

Thinking of using a subcontractor? Here's how to avoid being blamed for their mistakes. And also, how not to fix a pair of trousers.

Risk tips for marketing consultants

Invest in a specialist professional indemnity policy. The security that comes with knowing the might of an insurer are behind you is not to be sniffed at.

Insurance for web designers

Do web designers need insurance? The short answer is 'yes'. Find out what can go wrong, how insurance helps and how to stop it happening in the first place.